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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by GreekGeek, Mar 9, 2003.

  1. Hello All,

    I was wondering what your collective experiences have been with braided leaders. I have yet to try them. Are they worth a go? Most of the things I've read about them say that they're great for wet flies, but for drys they tend to spray too much water. Is this true? On the pro side...most of what I've seen says they lay over nicely and have virtually no memory at all. Sounds like a good leader for my sink-tip steelhead and sinking line setups, but I'm thinking I should maybe stick to a tapered mono leader for the drys.

    Any input is always appreciated.

    Tight Lines,

    AKA Matt Williams
  2. I use the Orvis ones a lot. NO memory at all, I HATE tapered mono leaders that look like a slinky on the water. That story about spray is a bunch of hoey, next time out on calm water pick up your mono leader and fly line and watch it spray on the forward fasle cast. I try not to use them when wet fly fishinng, they impede the sinking of whatever I am using. I cut the loop off the tippet end and surgeon knot a foot or two of 3x, then my tippet.
  3. I have used the Orvis braided leaders off and on for a few years. My experience is that they stretch more than ordinary mono leaders and I have missed a few fish by not being able to set the hook due to the added stretch.

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