Brand new Nor Vise

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by bulletsnhooks, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. thanks rick. I like the idea about the comb.
  2. You guys should check out the Ekich automatic bobbin. It is a little expensive but it fits any spool and you can reset it before you clip your thread so it doesn't suck in. I was using it on my Nor-vise and now I use it on my Renzetti and it is the best bobbin I have ever used.
  3. nice bobbin. Expensive though
  4. I just got my new Nor vise yesterday!WOW i knew i was missing something when i didnt buy one of these years ago!I have only tied a few flies with it and still on the learning curve.I have watched all the video's on you tube and Im going to have to watch them a few more times to catch all the little tricks.
    I love this vise allready!
  5. I was wondering how you all keep the materials back when you tie in. The material holder is right up against the post and makes it tough to keep the material in one place.
  6. Some things like tinsel, wire and hackle can be put through the jaws in the vice.There is a gap in between the jaws.
  7. just got a nor-vice and am wondering where to get the small plastic tube that norm keeps on the bobbin to slide over material on the fly to hold it temporally out of the way while tying? im off to cut a mounting board and get started!
  8. My new vise and bobbin kit came with the cap.Im sure if you call Norm you can get some.
  9. it is the same cap that covers your bobbin. Just cut the tip off and there you have it. I was wondering the same thing when I got mine.
  10. Thanks for the tip Rick
  11. Ive been useing my new vise for a few days now,and have been wondering what the hell i was thinking when it has taken 10+ years for me to finaly buy one.This thing is awsome!I also know i have only touched the surface of what this thing can do.

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