FS Brand new Spey Rods 120.00!

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  1. Back by popular demand the 12 foot 7 weight spey rod from Blanco custom Rods and Tackle. This rod has a high gloss sage green finish with transparent olive wraps with gold trim rings. I have included a two piece beautiful feather inlay of green, blue and red macaw feathers placed under the rod finish. These Rods catch fish. I have one of these and have been using it for winter steelhead on Oregon's coastal rivers for over 5 years and caught lots of fish with it. They are durable, crafted with attention and detail, beautiful, cast well, and best of all $120! I fully cover my work under warranty. If for any reason at any time the craftsmanship of the rod is faulty are fails I will issue a full refund or fix it at my expense. If you receive the rod and are not satisfied I will refund your money plus shipping. I'm excited to offer a quality spey rod for under $150 so everyone can afford and enjoy a wonderful art form of fly fishing. I've been building rods and tying flies for 20 years and doing it as a professional and registered business. I only offer equipment of the highest grade of craftsmanship. You would be hard pressed to find a rod of this quality for the price. I can do transactions through PayPal on my website. https://sites.google.com/site/blancorodsandtackle/about-us

    If you have questions or want to buy with cash in my area please call me 503 428-6794 Thanks Beau

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  2. I have three of theses right now. This is a great deal
  3. hmmmm what made you chose 12 foot?
  4. also what action? how many pieces?
  5. Hi, these rods are made from IM6 graphite and I have found that when you go past 12ft with IM6 you start loosing power in the butt of the rod. Or, the rod needs to be thicker and heavier. This is the sweet spot for length and power and balance. Plus I like using the 12 footer on small to medium rivers. To me it doesn't feel like overkill in those situations and it also single hand casts a little be like a switch. It's four pieces. Thanks for your questions.
  6. Oh, the action is like a traditional full flex. Its close to a beulah classic. i use a 420 compact scandi with mine. Sorry for leaving that out.
  7. I meant a little better like a switch rod. Stupid IPhone. Sorry about that.
  8. what do you reccomend for skagit grain windows
  9. I would recommend 450-500.
  10. Nice looking work! Is that on a Batson blank? If so, a very good deal.
  11. Thank you. Not Batson but identical in quality.
  12. I have 5 of these left. Two are complete and I have the components to build 3 more. If anyone wants custom labels, feather inlays, or thread colors let me know I'll do it for free.
  13. Oh, and if you want I can send you e-mails with photos showing the steps and progress as its being built. Some people like that.

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