BRAVEHEART comes back to PNW

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by William Wallace, Mar 28, 2013.

  1. Old Man

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    In a comfortable chair
    That's what you have, now that you are retired.
  2. Jim Wallace

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    Jan 23, 2004
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    Somewhere on the Coast
    Yeah, well I'm still a prisoner of all my stuff, which is holding me captive for purposes of maintaining and storing it. Some of it cries out for improvement. If I can eliminate most of the stuff and move to a smaller place, then for sure I'd be freer than I am now! I wonder when I ever found the time to work! I'm still a slave to all this junk with which I've surrounded myself! :confused:
    I'll bet that 1/3 of the stuff in my shop/garage could disappear and I'd never even miss it (until it is gone and I ask myself why I saved it for 10 years+ and then tossed it two weeks before I found a use for it).
    The goal is to reduce maintenance to a bare minimum, clear out the garage so that I can park my Forester inside and still have room for all my watercraft and lots of open shop space for projects.
    Right now its a jungle that makes me look like some kind of hoarder.
    A couple of dump runs and a huge yard sale with lots of give-aways would be a good start.

    The one problem is that I had fancied myself becoming some kind of junk artist, specializing in mixed media conglomerations that might be called "beach bull-dada" (just made that up:) ).
    I've collected enough junk to get going on some ideas, but I have to finish other projects first.
    That ain't junk! Its art supplies!
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    Hobart, WA
    It is true that William Wallace left no heir. It is also true that his army was well aware of just how agitated the local sheep were in his presence! This observation verified his lineage as a true Scotsman!

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