Bridge collapse

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  1. King 5 news is reporting that a truck with an over size load going south bound hit the bridge beams.

    Thoughts and prays to the those than are involved that were on that section of bridge.
  2. Sounds like an oversized load struck the overhead girders, and almost immediately after that the bridge collapsed. At least that hopefully means the remainder of the bridge is okay and should speed the repairs.
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  3. Saw some pics, looks like 1 of multiple spans collaped. Looked like only two vehicles in the water and two guys sitting on the roofs. Could be it's not nearly as bad as it could have been.
  4. There are two obvious vehicles in the river and one possible trailer. If it isn't a trailer, it doesn't look good for those inside. Upside down and broken. Scary. Sounds like the three people out of the two obvious vehicles were rescued. Conditions unknown.
  5. Latest report from KOMO, no fatalities. I've been glued to the tv since I saw Kerry's post. Finally a slight sense of relief.
  6. While I obviously only know as much as any of you, the news copter shots didn't show a bunch of diving activity (or divers). Which indicates to me that there probably weren't other people to rescue. At least I hope that is the case. Like Kerry, I've driven over that bridge tens of thousands of times in my life. Crazy.

    What a mess. I can't imagine how long it is going to take to replace that bridge, even if it is pushed to the top of the list. This is going to be a clusterfuck for the northwest (and especially skagit and whatcom counties) for a long while.

    Interesting to hear that Seattle City Light was reducing the river flows at the dams to asist possible rescue efforts. One small bit of luck is that it happened when the flows were relatively mellow. This time of year, there could be a lot more water cranking in that river.
  7. Good thing there are no injuries/fatalities, let's hope it stays that way...

    how radical did the Occupy Skagit movement become?
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  8. Now that the news has stated the bridge was hit by an oversized load on a semi. The only thing left to debate is if the truck driver was a Republican or a Democrat
  9. Well, probably pretty radical. Curt and Leland I think may have been involved!
  10. As an engineer I'd have to say that any bridge that can collapse by such a easily anticipated scenario is not very well designed.
  11. Well I drove up to B-Ham tonight to present to the 4-Corners group and just as I'm about to speak my wife tries calling. Hmmm? I think, she knows I'm giving a presentation tonight why would she call? Then she calls again and again and again and each time I just turn it off. Luckily someone let me know what was happening and the folks at the meeting let me take a quick break to call her back. I missed the collapse by about 30 minutes or so but to her that was way to close not to call to make sure I was ok. The drive home was fairly easy with little traffic really. Heck it was a lot better than tulip traffic for that matter.

    I listened to the radio all the way home and the fact that at this point there are no fatalities seems amazing to me.
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  12. They need to just build a ramp. Duke of Hazzard that sh*t
  13. Ira gets extra bonus points for taking all this in stride and still delivering an excellent program for our club. Thanks Ira!
  14. Bummer. There goes my Lummi ling shortcut. Glad no serious injuries.
  15. Yeah good thing no deaths . Must have been terrifying riding that bridge down.

    seriously though ...... We all know it was an inside job by Bush. No way just a semi truck hitting a girder could have taken the whole bridge down:-/
  16. I saw this flashed on CNN last night. Can't find anymore on this from my neck of the woods. But if I wanted to see anything newsy I could watch that stupid trial Of that bitch Jody Arias. That seems more important than real news. NOT.
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  17. I saw a report that 72,000 cars a day use that bridge thats a lot of headaches for drivers for a while.

    jesse, (from a dude ranch in Colorado where 20 cars a day and 60 horses go by the road in front of our lodge)
  18. Thank god no one was seriously injured. Amazing, if you know that bridge and how many people drive over it every day. And this happened just after rush hour. This could have been much more serious.

    One more thing, I apologize to the board for going off on dryflylarry. I was shaken up over what happened. My wife was on the Riverside Bridge when the I5 bridge collapsed and was giving me an eye witness account of the event from her cell phone. As you may understand she was very upset as she was watching the people in the vehicles in the water struggle to get out. I could only think of the worst.

    We were lucky. My wife made a last minute decision to go to the store on her way home from a meeting in Mt. Vernon and decided to take Burlington Blvd. instead of I5. That small insignificant decision could very well have saved her life.

    From a different point of view; perhaps this will keep many of the city folks away from our valley over the holiday weekend, awesome. I hate city folk.
  19. NPR is reporting this morning that the bridge was built in the mid-1950s from a design that's nearly a century old. In an interview, one official suggested a replacement bridge could take 2-3 years to build.

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