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  1. Ok kids, I'll say this once, and once only. I'm tired of the political rants. Dryflylarry and Kent Lufkin come to mind right now (both have been edited). May have missed more. I'm going to start parking those who keep tossing jabs out. This thread has been productive, but the R vs D bashes won't solve anything except to flair debate.
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  2. I agree getting on top of the matter instead of chasing from behind should be the priority. But not counting the last few years, it wasn't because of the lack of money. State spending was steadily increasing year in and year out for the most part but the politicians chose to spend it elsewhere while the backlog of critical infrastructure projects grew steadily longer and longer. The same problem exist at the federal level. Despite not having enough to fund what's already on the books, they go out and make even more obligations with no funding stream to pay for it. Very frustrating...
  3. I'll politely reply that one can make the same exact argument about the otherside and that MSNBC, CNN and the host of others are equally strident. Bring back some even slightly conservative democrats and i could be happy. :)
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  4. Agreed :) - A middle party with conservative Dems and moderate Reps would get my vote.....

    I hear you Jerry this is my last comment on the subject but I have to say that is is refreshing to have a political discussion on the internet and not have it deteriorate into a hyper emotional spaz fest. I chalk it up to the superior intelligence of fly fishing people :p
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  5. Ditto. I've said enough I think. :oops: Plus I have a date with myself on the SF...
  6. I just want to say that I thank God that there were apparently no life threatening injuries, and that Kerry, his wife, and Ira were either early, late, or detoured and safe.
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  7. I am so glad that everyone is ok. Let's hope the repair is fast and cost-effective and that the lawsuits don't cost us more than the bridge.
  8. Ugh. I hadn't even thought of that.

    Pity the Canadian trucking company. The news this morning said that the state is considering hitting their insurance company for the entire tab for rebuilding the bridge, estimated yesterday at $15M but which will undoubtedly grow. Also likely to grow will be the trucking company's insurance premium.

  9. If they ever have a Steel Season again Kerry getting the first crack at them being in Skidrow ;-)
  10. ["Old Man, post: 836317, member: 492"]If you live in that area you can always find another way to go. I know I could and I haven't been there for 7 years.[/quote]

    There's only a hand full of bridges from Concrete to tidewater. Unless you know of a ferry service getting folks across the river, you'd be taking a bridge with everyone else.
  11. I just looked at my Washington state map and there are 5 bridges over the Skagit River in the Mount Vernon area. Some are out of the way, but whats to wasting a little gas to standing in a traffic jam. And there will be a few of these.
  12. If I had to go from Seattle to Bellingham, I would find a good way around the failed bridge. First, I would head east on I-90 to Hwy 97. Of course, I might just have to stop and hit one of the Snoq. forks, the Yak and maybe the Cle Elum along the way. I'd head over 97 to Hwy 2 east to the Columbia, maybe making a slight detour to hit the Icicle for kings. As I headed north along the Columbia, I'd hit a few backwaters for bass and carp. At Pateros, I'd head north up Hwy 153 along the Methow, distracting myself from the stress of the forced detour with a few cutties . While in Winthrop, I might as well hit Big and Little Twin before heading west on Hwy 20, hitting more of the Methow along the way. I'd cross the Skagit below Diablo, where I don't think there would be any traffic. Eventually, I'd wander into Bellingham, maybe a few days late, but heck, at least I'd have a good excuse for being late and I would have avoided all the traffic and stress, LOL!
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  13. Anytime traffic volume is diverted to other routes there will be delays. If 70,000 vehicles were using I-5 and those are split to four other options that already had their own pressure, those drivers diverted and those used to using these alternates will be affected. Add the larger vehichicles that now move less effectively on other surface street options and this mess will be felt for a long time. There is a new normal for traffic flow and timing in this area. New normals that are improvements are welcomed generally. New normals that are more complex or less efficient are not so warmly received.
  14. That's an interesting point Ed. A few days ago officials were talking about how much the detours would adversely impact small business, "...which is the heart of Washington's economy." Makes sense when you consider the impact to the old normal.

    But the new normal means traffic is being rerouted and exposing drivers to small businesses that never received that much drive-by exposure. Little restaurants, stores, and gas stations that didn't get much business from travelers on I-5.

    But with I-5 traffic being rerouted to arterials away from the interstate corridor, my guess is that business will increase for them due to an increase in visibility - thanks to the bridge collapse.

  15. Just think, it's bringing back the days of pre I-5. Days of the diner and roadside attractions. Maybe it's time to detstroy all of the bridges. But then again, people would bitch to high heaven about actually taking their time no trips and enjoying the ride.
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  16. Sounds like a conspiracy theory to me :)
  17. I remember when Iran was hit with a number of earthquakes. The religious zealots in charge blamed the earthquakes on the "skimpy" clothing the women were wearing in Iran.

    So... what are the women doing in Washington State that caused that bridge to collapse?:eek:
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  18. Everyone else will be using those other bridges. That's 70,000 vehicles a day that used to do a straight shot up I-5, now taking side roads to those bridges. There's no magic way across the river.
  19. Yeah on my way back from the presentation I almost stopped at a bar on the detour route that I never would have visited before. At the time I was thinking it was time to invest in the detour pubs, their stock just went up!
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  20. Touche' Mr. Bugger, touche'

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