Bridge collapse

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by KerryS, May 23, 2013.

  1. It would be a pleasure dfl ! We can even discuss alien abductions and have a good laugh!
  2. Well, that was certainly unexpected and random.
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  3. Well Ed, you didn't really expect a person with a liberal point of view on here (me, for instance), to get away with calling someone a f--king asshole on here did you, and not get banned? I'll take the high road and just go fish with dfl. :)
  4. Anyone know what insurance company the trucking company responsible for this event used... want to make sure none of my funds have any of that in it :).
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  5. I was surprised that Kerry's f-bombs and a-bombs plus your own d---head name-calling on page 1 of this thread didn't get you both parked or banned. Ed and Jerry, it would be good to know why that is, given the clear rules of this forum about not personally bashing people.
  6. Easy. It's said out of jest. Banter like we do with Old Man. .
  7. I believe it is a Nationalized Canadian Insurance. I was rear ended by a Canadian truck on I-5 years ago and the rep from the insurance was easy to deal with and very generous. Maybe generous enough to build a new bridge.:)
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  8. You are likely correct. I probably should have been parked for a time. I did apologize to the board for my outburst. However improper it may have been I stand by my comments directed at dryflylarry (dfl). I say what is on my mind and those that know me know also I will say in person exactly what I say here. I didn't get this ugly by keeping my mouth shut.

    I will say it again in a more civil manner if you wish. In my opinion dryflylarry's comments were completely uncalled for given the circumstances at the time and only an insensitive jerk would turn a tragic event as it is unfolding into a platform to voice his personal political views. At the time of his comments there were people literally fighting for their lives and there very well could have been a few casualties. Fortunately for all concerned everyone got out alive but that was an unknown at the time. Personally I think he should have been banned also for making political statements, especially in the context he used to make them.
  9. I misread what was written. Thought you said he told Ed to FO. I missed that post actually. Realize we don't read every post of every thread. I only read dryflylarrys because it was reported.
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  10. WHAT?!! You don't read every post? :p

    Then again... why would you subject yourself to all this crap. Unless you were trying to punish yourself for something. :D
  11. Did anyone cross on SR9 yesterday afternoon? Coming home from Orcas I took 20 all the way to Rockport, had lunch with the family at Howard Miller Steelhead park, then on to Darrington and back out 530 to I-5. Given the nightmare I saw around Conway Friday afternoon, I figured an hour extra with some scenery and no stress was worth it. Wondering how bad it really was yesterday.
  12. I think this drifted quickly but got back to a level of tolerance. By the time the mods arrived. Some things happen behind the scenes, others in plain sight. I encourage the use of the report feature and ignore feature if you feel it necessary. The forum works best when we all do our part! I enjoy how Chris has it structured and I'm glad to help out when I can.
  13. I hope this isn't too political but comments like this make me want to cry/laugh. Our government can't protect us against every unforeseeable event that may take place in our lifetimes. Wanting them to is one thing, expecting them to is another.

    Our country"s infrastructure is in disrepair and needs to be addressed. But, our government has gotten so big and out of control that there are so many non core programs being funded that the money to fund core government responsibilities has to be ignored. Only when an incident like this happens do the politicians see it as an opportunity to raise taxes to fund this type of problem rather than keeping the scope of it's functions within reason. Within reason, to me, is spending at a level that is sustainable based on current and projected tax revenue. What you and I consider "reason or reasonable" are most likely different interpretations. But, I find it silly to think 1 side has our best interest in mind when it's proven by both sides to not give a shit. The only thing either side cares about is getting re-elected. Meaning, more programs for more people who will eventually cast a vote for whomever takes care of them.

    Bridges don't buy votes.............. For either party.

    The bridge got hit by an oversized load. How is that the R's fault. Maybe it should have been dealt with proactively but it wasn't. We live in a state that is overwhelmingly dominated by D's and the bridge wasn't fixed. If we lived in a state dominated by R's that same bridge would have been hit by the same truck and the result would be that same bridge being in the Skagit. Neither side would have proactively retrofitted that bridge to withstand what happened to it.

    I just hope they fix the bridge first and worry about suing Canada second. That might restore what little faith I have in what I consider to be a government that has lost it's way.

    Glad nobody was seriously injured.
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  14. You know, there are some who are into a punishment thing.... sometimes I think that's the case for me when I'm flyfishing ... I mean really... sometimes I may as well be whipping myself...
  15. I think you are confusing it with golf. When fishing... who's keeping score? ;)
  16. Kerry , your punishment has been delt out by Karma. Think of this everytime your sitting in a traffic jam caused by a detour due to the bridge collapes. Think its bad now ..wait till humpy season !!!!!
  17. Today was the first full day without holiday traffic and the radio said the detour only took about 15 minutes this morning. Not bad.
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  18. 15 minutes?! That's like a nano second over there isn't it?
  19. Truck was from Alberta, they have private motor vehicle insurance. Several provinces have government run Vehicle insurance plans, BC is one of them.

  20. Wrong, local state and federal governments have all been shrinking over the last few years, along with gov. spending @ all levels. This is another meme that people buy into, that distracts us from the real problems we face.
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