Brief Excersion to Central Oregon

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    My family went to Bend to do a little skiing this spring break. Since I am down and out with a lingering ankle injury (bruised talus if you care), I decided to try a little fishing. I've been to the area a couple times before skiing and climbing, but never had the chance to flyfish. Since most of the rivers in the area are still closed I was pretty limited in my selection.

    On Tuesday 4/3 I fished the Fall River. I headed out when my family left for the slopes. The weather was mid twenties, but warming up. I reached the Hatchery and geared up for the day. After some confusion (there were signs posted "No Angling" by the parking lot) about where I could fish or not I headed up river a couple miles in the car. I found a good parking spot by the river and doned my Forest Gump leg brace, and headed to the river. I hiked along a trail and would occasionally go down to the river where access was good. I didn't spot a single fish in about a mile of crystal clear water. So I went back to the car and headed further up to see if I could find any good holding water. Then it dawned on me that maybe the area closed was a side channel, so I headed back to the hatchery. Sure enough it was and if I walked a hundred yards out of the parking lot there was fishable water (dahhhhhh). While I was spotting for good spot another fisherman showed up and gave me a few tips. I spent the next 4 hours fishing with the smallest flies in my box, 20 and 22's, which I don't have much of. I ended up landing 4, the biggest about 13", half on drys half on nymphs and missing a bunch.

    On Wednesday 4/4 I decided to fish the Crooked river on my way home. I had seen this river many times while climbing at Smith Rocks. I left again when my family did and headed to the Prineville Reservour. The weather was raining and after a day of tiny flies I decided to go big. So I chucked streamers while working my way down the river in and out of the car because of my gimpy foot. I stopped at various spots on the way down, mostly in the first 3 miles down from the dam. I did this for a couple hours and didn't catch anything so began the long drive back home.

    Attached is a link to the picture I posted on this site. I'm somewhat new to this posting stuff so I hope it works.
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    Thanks for the report. I have spent a little time fishing the Fall with not a lot of success and haven't made it to the Crooked yet. All on the list of "to-do's" someday.

    Jim Jones
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    Thanks for the report. I have fished both these rivers. The Fall River is generally a tough river for me. I have caught a few fish on it, but I often have to work hard to get a fish. The Crooked River is much better for me. I have caught several fish here ranging from 10 -14". I was fishing in late June in both cases.

    Dr Bob:beer2:
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    Since you landed 4 fish in a hour and missed others, you did really well on a highly technical river. All your ducks have to be in a row on this river. Congratulations. The Crooked River is also a challenge until you break the code. I've done it a couple of times using scuds. There could be a bazillion caddis hatching and not one rise but they would avidly take scuds. Not sure about this time of year though. Thanks for sharing.