Bring back the old farts

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  1. Olive bugger

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    The gore tex waders are much more comfortable, but I still like my 3 mil neoprenes for float tube work.
  2. i prefer the flat brim hat, puffy jacket fashion competition on the river much more.
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  3. Well said, Sir
  4. Old Man

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    You haven't lived until you wore those damn rubber chest waders. The ones that weighted in at about 50 lbs. At least they felt that heavy.
  5. FT

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    I agree with you, there is nothing like wearing a pair of those old canvas with rubber laminated between the canvas plies waders. You sweated to death in the summer until you got in the water, then your legs got wet from the perspiration. And in winter, you had to layer up with wool to keep from freezing. Plus, they were so flexible, going over a log was a cinch, as long as you could sit down on top of the log to do so. Yep, those were the days.

    Of course, the lighter weight all latex rubber stocking foot waders were OK in summer/early fall, but man they were the coldest things in winter/spring.
  6. Kyle Smith

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    I suggest that everyone here read "Trout Madness" by Robert Traver. He writes like he could be related to my awesome grandmother. My grandfather was a serious fisherman from Livingston, MT. He would use bait, spoons, and he would tie his own flies. He was also a brake man for the Northern Pacific, which was a very dangerous job, requiring him to hop from car to car, engaging the train's brakes.
    Before his death in 1957, he taught grandma how to fish worms on the Yellowstone. My grandmother taught their three girls to fish. She was a widowed, hard-working mother, and they used worms. So fly fishing skipped a generation, and the grandfather I never met has inspired me to get as much out of fishing in this short life as I can. This is why I choose to fly fish exclusively, with knowledge that it really is just one way to fish.
  7. bennysbuddy

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    I still got a pair hanging in the garage, Just as a reminder to the days when steelhead were plentyfull
  8. Steve Vaughn

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    Love this thread and learning that I'm among a good number of old farts.
  9. little rod

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    Love what Mark said. Young fishermen of today know way more that us old farts. After 46 years of tying & fishin' you might just think that someone somewhere along the way would want to know.
  10. golfman44

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    my sage method will be more red than your sage method
  11. speyfisher

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    Paper route & lawn mowing money found it's way to the local Western Auto Hardware store in exchange for fishing gear. Shakespear & Heddon were some of the top names of the day. Abu Garcia spinning reels were were introduced mid 50's, followed by Zebco push button spin casting reels. We had a "worm pile" out back & would mow the lawn & water it down to search for night crawlers before a fishing trip, which was often a loner by bicycle after finishing my Sunday morning parer route. I was the only kid to bring my own rod & reel to Boys Club Camp. I was practicing C&R long before BASS began promoting it.
  12. speyfisher

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    When I look back on it, I feel blessed to have been raised an era long since gone. Experiencing & appreciating some of life's simple pleasures, family camping, fishing, swimming (in the raw) on a lake for two weeks, seeing only one other couple & then only to take their boat out & load atop the car & leave. Where can you do that today? Trapping opossum & rabbits right in town. Being able to walk into the local hardware store & buy not only a box of ammo but the rifle to go along with it, before you were even old enough to drive! Some of the every day stuff we got by with when we were kids, would be highly frowned upon, if not illegal, today.
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    I"m probably a bit younger but did much the same growing up in Montana.
    I had a surefire way of trapping muskrats and rode my bike to check my traps after school. Also had a guy that would buy cottontails so we were hell on those too. 52 in a day was the best I remember, the guy about crapped to say the least.

    A couple of years ago in a small, nearby MT town I saw a kid riding down main street with a shotgun heading for the river.
    I found it refreshing but what a difference from city life today.
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  14. speyfisher

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    Kid's today have no idea what they are missing out on. Sitting on a school bus playing video games vs running a trap line before (walking) to school. Or playing hooky every year on opening day of trout season. LOL
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  15. Trustfunder

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    A couple of years ago in a small, nearby MT town I saw a kid riding down main street with a shotgun heading for the river.
    I found it refreshing but what a difference from city life today.

    Exactly my point, here's a young man too young to drive but old enough to shoot. Today he's judged by people who've only walked from there door to the car. Same deal with present day fishing... oh you fly fish, or oh your like walleye fishing, or pike fishing with a fly. Hey I catch em however they will be caught but I prefer on a fly... end of story.

    If that happened in downtown Missoula, Spokane you'd have a 9 alarm fire with media allover it, he went passed a school, a stadium, hospital... shit he only wanted to shoot a few ducks, give em a break.
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  16. Hal Eckert

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    Yes, I am also one,50 years of fly fishing, grew up in northern nj we trout fished its rivers and then as soon as one of us reached driving age we were off to the Catskills rivers (beaver kills,willowwemoc,Delaware,esopus,etc)some great memories.rubber,canvas,neoprene, breathe able waders have been through them all. Still have my first fly ror Garcia royal 7 foot 6 wgtitcaught a lot of trout and is still serviceable which I used for an afternoon in the black hills a few years back. Yes I ran a trap line when 12 years old and hunted but have not hunted since the early 70s. So add me to the old FF old farts list.
  17. Jim Ficklin

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    But . . . when that was all that was available, I was too happy to mind the weight (once I could afford a used pair.). AND, I made my first float tube . . . truck tube, canvas, war surplus store rigging, and latex; it worked! It was a labor of love/passion. There were lots of snide comments (from the "old guys" of my youth) when I first launched, but once I ping-pong paddled my way out to the weed beds & started catching big 'Bows & Cutties with reckless abandon, attitudes changed. I was asked to build a couple more & thus I ended-up with swim fins & a better rod & reel. I wouldn't trade the era during which I spent my youth for the world . . .
  18. Old Man

    Old Man Just an Old Man

    I can remember when I was young fishing. You could walk through peoples back yards that fronted a creek or a small stream. People would just wave at you and ask how the fishing was. Now a days you couldn't even look like you were going to trespass and you would most likely get shot.

    I used to fish Chico Creek from it's headwaters to the Sound. Lots of good fishing on that little creek back in the late 40's and early 50's. Steelhead came up that creek to Kitsap lake.
  19. Jim Ficklin

    Jim Ficklin Genuine Montana Fossil

    Yeah, about the only disruption was when you encountered a territorial pasture bull, lol. But, we could run like the wind then . . . and it just added to the adventure.
  20. _WW_

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    All this talk about waders...were you guys rich or something?
    Colorado creeks and black hi-top basket ball shoes...