Bring back the old farts

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Trustfunder, Jan 19, 2014.

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    I wondered how long it would be before someone mentioned those Keds tennies. Black canvas hi tops w/white laces. They were my first "wading boots" and, later on, when I got hold of some scrap pieces of outdoor carpet & glued it to the soles, I thought really had something.
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    Rich? Not hardly, but water NEVER warms-up in Montana. We were resourceful, however . . . and 1 pair of canvas gym shoes per year. I have to admit that a pair rarely survived that duration . . .
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    I know where some old farts are hanging out....

    ....In my waders. ;) But they aren't thaaaat old.

    It sounds like I am like some of you. I want to master every fishing method there is for every fish there is. Some day I hope to be an old fart too. Actually I pray to be one. Life is too short for some. RIP Liam and Keegan. Coulda been some of the best old farts around.
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    J. Ficklin,
    We made "float tubes" out of inner tubes and used ping pong paddles too.
    It worked pretty good for about an hour until our paddles delaminated and became useless.
    "Up shit creek w/o a paddle" became a reality real quick. But we were young and had a blast catching a ton of bass with a Mitchell 300 attached to my St. Croix fly rod using a black Wardens Rooster Tail cast into the lily pads.
    Hey, it wasn't fly fishing - but it at least had feathers on it - and they worked!
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    Sure it does. If you fish the head waters. But the cold water in the summer time just cools you off. As for wearing waders, I haven't had mine on for over two years now. I just haven't seen the need to. I can stand on shore and catch fish. Can't do this in Washington State. But you have to, to fish RFC.