Bringing in the Chum season...

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by kylesw, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. call that one bloody stool?
  2. The most successful flies for chum that I used while guiding were; eggsucking white fly with purple and chartreuse, or black and purple.

  3. Damn! I really need to get out! Work and life has been too much lately. Hopefully Saturday I can find some water and get some fishing done.

    The teeth are ridiculous on those things!

  4. Nice fly Matt. What doggy could resist that?

    Do you just keep wrapping the chenille to build up that body?

  5. I wondered how to get the tapered body too. Actually, I ended up tying the marabou up and over the eyes clouser style. Then I cut it off at an angle and when wrapped with thread it gives that tapered base to wrap the chenille over just normally. I also wondered about how to fill in all around the eyes. Well an extra wrap behind the eyes, then one angled across the top, then one really tight up in front of the eyes and the chenille fills it in nicely.
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  6. Did well this morning on this fly. Not the best picture but you get the idea. Many chummies approved this morning

    These fish are awesome. 2012-10-25_13-37-07_815.jpg 2012-10-25_08-58-11_62.jpg
  7. Nice fish! I dig the flashy blue reel as well.
  8. I have to say I have been mighty impressed with this Redington Rise reel. I bought it during the silver season and it handled silvers no problem, but the chum have really put it to the test the past few days and so far its performed flawlessly. I'd highly recommended to anyone in the market for a reasonably priced reel
  9. Nice to run into you on the beach today Nick. I did manage a couple of hookups before I needed to head back to the kitchen.
  10. Nice job Gene. Glad you found some players. I'm looking forward to checking out your fly club in a couple weeks
  11. Here's a little better picture of one I just tied.

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  12. Love how sparse that fly is. Nice and simple.
  13. I'm going to tie some of those babies up tonight for this weekend.
  14. Yes! Great fly's, I'll be adding to my chum flies for next week!
  15. love to see the new ties you guys are doing. wheres the PINK ??
    man ya gotta have the pink/cerise. or not.
    go with what works. love those doggies.
  16. The one I posted had cerise. I do need more patterns with it though.
  17. Dude, nick, thats a nice fish man how long was it?

  18. Not too sure. I didn't take a measurement, just a quick pic and it was on his way. That was the hottest of many fish that morning. I'm guessing around 11-12 lbs, and quite fresh.... but not too sure on the length.
  19. well if your rod is set up like mine that band above your grip is about 20-22ish inches, if so that fish is prob about 36-38 inches, again nice fish man!
  20. Looks very similar to one I caught, and one my father in law caught the other day. They were 11-12 lbs and taped 31 inches from the nose to the middle of the fork of the tail.

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