NFR British Sniper

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  2. That ought to keep 432 virgins gainfully-employed . . .
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  3. I guess the islamists were surprised because this sort of thing never happens in the 7th century.
  4. . . . which is where they still live . . .
  5. I cannot even fathom a rifle that can hit a target that far away. Seems surreal.
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  6. Allah Akbar!
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  7. Do you have, seen, or shot a Remington 700 in .308? Then you can fathom one. :)
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  8. No. Jerry, I've never shot a gun with a scope on it, only iron sights. Before switching to archery, my deer rifle was a Winchester 30-30. Pretty old fashioned.

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  9. I used to shoot a 700 in 30-06 with open sights. I just meant if you ever were around that rifle, then you've seen a rifle that does that shot.
  10. Btw it's a misconception that anyone can grab a high powered rifle with a scope and make long to very long range shots. It's amazing the science that goes into a shot over 600 meters. Even close shots with a scope, the shooter makes all the difference, not always the rifle.
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  11. IIRC the AW338 is spittin' out .338 Lapua magnum 300 grainers...
  12. I know SOC is using a mix of .308, .300 win mag, and .338 Lapua. Just depends on who you are in SOC. Just know that the .308 would be a caliber most guys will have had their hands on that a sniper would use. :)

  13. I couldn't agree more. A lot of things come in to factor when shooting long range. But it is a ton of fun learning how to do it. I'm fairly consistent out to 800 yards. I will be looking to build something bigger in the near future for longer distances:)
  14. the weapon's made by Accuracy International, and as distance goes, the shot was-according to them-850m. Not all that long a shot for a competent sniper, and as Jerry says, certainly within the range of my Remington 700CDL SF in .300WSM. 180gr Hornaday SST boattail match. Great round!
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  15. Wasn't the record something like 2000 meters plus with a .50 in Afghanistan?
  16. Yup, was like 2500 meters. He did two consecutive shots with that rifle at that range. But, again, it was a 50. Not belittling the shot at all. That's a super tough shot with even that round, and making two it's amazing. I do believe the longest shot though with a standard rifle (that 50 cal is a BEAST if your team is assigned it to carry, the mag alone weighs a TON empty) is like 1400 yards. Funny, they can get more "umph" if they let the round warm up before they shoot it. Amazing little fact I had learned about "sunning" the rounds in the sun.
  17. But, it wasn't a .50. The shooter was a corporal named Craig Harrison, with an AI AWS L115A3 in .338 Lapua mag in 2009. The range was 2707yds, projectile was a 250gr Lapua LocBase B408. And I'll bet my next month's paycheck, they gave the rounds a sunbath, like you said! Good shooting, much better than my M40A1 on her very best day... Pity.
  18. Alex, the story I read was a British soldier with a .50 cal. It was a SOF article, not civilian.
  19. Alex, it's pretty amazing.. Spoke to my brother in law about it and he was giddy about that shot.

    Just an amazing shot. Putting a bullet that size into target 27 football fields away. Especially when you factor in the variables at that range.
  20. It's like calling artillery at that distance! My fav though is the Whitworth rifle during the Civil War. The Brits were only able to get a few past the blockade, but they were reputed to be accurate to 2000yds--this from a muzzleloader!!! Where's Quigley when you need him, eh?

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