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  1. My little slightly modified Remington 700 in 30-06. Using Lake City brass, Berger 168 grain Hunting VLD bullets over 49.3 grains of Varget, loaded so the bullet touches the lands when chambered, given I do my part, will make 800 yard shots all day long.


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  2. Ron
    That's a nice rig! You should be able to go a lot farther than that when you decide to. I've got a (slightly) modified rem 700 in 243 that will punch steel all day at 800 yards, it just doesn't have a lot of poop at that range with an 87gr Berger vld! I'm running 42gr of imr 4831 at 3000fps. My next rig will be a 260 remington for a 1000 yard gun. image.jpg
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  3. Bob, Nice gun. Looks to work rather well. I used to shoot to a thousand and better with that gun, but I'm developing a cataract on my dominant eye so I can't see good enough to shoot more than about 800 yards now.
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  4. 260 is a great round. Recoil is close to a .243 with the trajectory of a .300 wm (but with less energy) with heavy, high bc bullets. Recently picked up a .260 upper for my LR-308. 0.75 moa without much load development. Haven't stretched it past 200 yards yet.
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  5. Very nice rigs, gents! I still want a Whitworth hexagonal though!
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