Broken Pinned Oarlocks

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by docstash, Dec 24, 2013.

  1. How many of you have broken the pinned oarlocks that come on a Water Master, Outcast, or NFO? Not talking about oars being broke but the pinned oarlock itself.

  2. I've never had an issue. I'm sure you can buy a replacement or get it fixed at the manufacture.
  3. Yep that is the part I am talking about. I wondered if anyone has broken one before, since it seems to me that the only time that you would break one is at the most critical time of operation. I have never seen one broke.

  4. This should be a very interesting thread. I've read comments expressing concern about this being a weak point. Hearing actual real experiences will be an excellent piece of information.
  5. Never on the water master. Never on the Scadden. Never on the Saturn small raft (I added them). I don't row sketchy stuff...often. I'm chicken and my wife would kill me if I went and got myself drowned.

    Water master, Scadden and Outcast use this system...we may question it, but it seems field proven.
  6. Ed, probably better not show the wife what you are rowing then since most water becomes sketchy by the rower and not the water. I have seen Jesse put himself and his sizable beer cooler in the air 3' waiting on the heavy duty oar to break or to flip over with his WM while floating the Naches. This was in a slower pool, where he was gazing around, and stuck the oar in the rock so the there was straight push on the whole oar until he got quite high in the air and it was all in slow motion, really funny to watch the look on his face as he was lifted into the air.
  7. Craig, been with Jesse when he's pinned an oar, destroyed it, bounced around until he could swap it. Then he still dug too deep and clanged and banged about. He started with three oars. I was worried he may need a few more to make it to the takeout.
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  8. When oars have nightmares, they see Jesse.

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  9. Don't dig too deep with your downstream oar or leave it dangling while drifting. Bad things happen whether they are pinned or in a Cobra lock.
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  10. These pinned oar locks must be fairly strong---it dosen't seem that no one has had problems with them---or at least they are not interessted in chiming in.

  11. I've had 2 pinned oarlock failures, it's a weak design. I'm currently having mine modded to use a solid metal design.
  12. What model did they fail in and what type of water were you in when they failed?
  13. I have a Scadden Renegade, first failure happened on the Madison in easy riffles. The metal pin pulled out of its plastic housing. I wasn't even putting much stress on the oar. Second happened on the Big Horn in really easy water, the plastic portion that rotates around the axel on the mount broke. It's a weak design
  14. Thanks for the specifics in your post. Have any others had a similar experience?
  15. I've never had a problem on my Water Master and I've put it through some abuse. I've banged the oars up pretty good running rock gardens with no problem. I also fish on the go and when I hook a fish, it is not uncommon to have the oars flapping around in the water as I float down stream, sometimes through rocks and over ledges bumping as I go. As was stated on the other post about this, Water Master and Outcast use different oar mounts than Scadden does. Outcast told me that their oar mounts are custom made and that a lot of engineering and testing went into perfecting them to avoid just the kind of problem scottybs is having on his Renegade.
  16. Sorry guys, I tried to find the photos of my oar mount failures. No luck!

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