Brown's Lake in NE Washington

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Michael G. Baker, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. I am looking to get some help with Brown's Lake in NE Washington, just north of Newport. It is my understanding it is a fly fishing only lake? This will be a family camping outting and will be used to help teach my kids to better hone their fly casting and catching skills. Can you recommend flies, areas of the lake, and any other information that will help us catch a few fish on what looks like a very nice piece of water.

    All the information is greatly appreciated.

    Michael Baker
  2. A pretty little lake in the Selkirks. I sent you a PM.

  3. browns is a great little fishery.I like to use 6packs,careys and other small nymphs.There is some dry fly action my dad and I were out there and one fella was braging on catching fish on a #22 renagade
    I didnt try any #22 renagades for there to friggen small.Use streamers as well
    hook 'em up
  4. An intermediate sinking line and what cutthroat king said for flies. Start at the launch and go to the right along the shoreline. When you get to the end of the lake fish along the weed line. If it is still hot you might try a slow troll with a deep sinking line across the middle of the lake right out from the launch. My favorite fly there is a hallowween bugger. There are rainbows cutts and cuttbows in the lake.
    Blessings jesse

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