Browns Point 7/21

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by wboles3, Jul 21, 2005.

  1. I managed to make it back to Browns Point again this afternoon. Hooked a fairly large fish but it ultimately spit the hook. Poor tension on my part. However, I did manage to land an 18" pink soon after. Using a Redington CPS 6wt with Rio outbound intermediate and Pink Mini Candy fly, all of which were procured at Puget Sound Co recently. I am having a blast in the salt and am beginning to get the double haul down. :thumb:

  2. Which browns point are you talking about? I'm from camano and live on browns point, when i'm not at college. I have one of the best days of my life there once (when a spoon thrower was 100yds away, that was a kodak day. Its funny though, i went the next day and couldn't buy a fish. If you don't mind fighting the spoon chuckers go and hit up camano head for the pinks. If you get it right, you may be casting into schools of pinks roughly 50ft wide and 200 ft long, solid fish jumping out of the water, but again sadly there are usually swarms of gear chuckers surrounding the schools (boat is also required)

  3. The Browns Point I am referring to is located in Tacoma. I was there yesterday and the day before for the incoming tide. Very slow. Yesterday the visitors to the park would walk and stand right behind to watch what I was doing. So I would turn around and watch them. I wanted see how long it took to register that they were in my backcast area. :beathead:

    I will certainly look into the Browns Point you are referring to.


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