Browns point 8/16

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Curtis, Aug 16, 2005.


Show was at Brown's point 8/16?

  1. stood in the line at brown's point

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  2. Wasn't there.

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  1. Curtis

    Curtis New Member

    So who all from the board was at browns point this morning? Didnt notice any wff hats. Seemmed like most were catching fish. I waited for a few people to leave and headed down to the beach. While I was waiting I must have seen 20 fish landed. I ended up landing two and lost 4-5.
  2. RedFive

    RedFive Member

    You didn't see an WFF hats b/c everyone was wearing Puget Sound Fly Co. hats!
  3. Curtis

    Curtis New Member

    this is true!
  4. Anil

    Anil Active Member

  5. chadk

    chadk Be the guide...

    I'm thinking of heading down tonight and staying throught the morning bite.
  6. Old Man

    Old Man Just an Old Man

    Where's Brown's Point????????

  7. RedFive

    RedFive Member

    You've got the skizzle out there now? Sweet! I'm fishing in the morning. I thought you were going tuna fishing?

    Curtis, are you headed out there tomorrow? Let's hook up if you are.
  8. Curtis

    Curtis New Member

    I may be headed out tomorrow, not sure yet. I will have an orange pack on.
  9. bigfun4me

    bigfun4me Team Infidel

    I was there, just down from the point between the launches. It was a great morning. I came back for the late am bite and caught a few more fishing with Leland.
    Watching the seal swoop in and take the fish from the guy next to me was was quite a site.
  10. Curtis

    Curtis New Member

    I was up above waiting for an opening when that happened. I was there later also. I think I left around 10. This was my first salmon experience in the salt. I think I have been spoiled landing two fish my first time out. Maybe I should quit while I am ahead.
  11. chadk

    chadk Be the guide...

    I was there too. Lost WAY more fish than I landed. Fished along troutingham (paul) for a while. I was the one who forget his waders and just had rubber hip boots....
  12. BigDog2002

    BigDog2002 Gone Fishing

    NewB here... Thinking of headed down at o'dark hundred tomorrow morning to try this out. Any advice welcome! I'm an experienced river fisherman with lots of trout time and little salmon time on the fly. I'm hoping this will be a rewarding experience as it's about all that's available these days?

    Brown's point any good as well?

    Clark Fork Hero, Salt NewB
  13. chadk

    chadk Be the guide...

    Sending you PM...
  14. Jay Allyn

    Jay Allyn The Poor-Student Fly Fisher

    No I was there the 15th.
  15. papafsh

    papafsh Piscatorial predilection

    Check you Washington Atlas & Gazetteer :p ;)

  16. Old Man

    Old Man Just an Old Man

    Why are you so slow. I did all this as a joke,just to rile a few people up :p :p :p . I know the brain slows down after you reach a certain age :p

  17. papafsh

    papafsh Piscatorial predilection

    You are the one to know about slowing down Jim, I replied to your post as a joke too, didn't you see the smiley? here I'll post it for you again :p :p :p ;) ;) ;)

    LB :rolleyes:
  18. martyg

    martyg Active Member

    Hey so I have never been to Brown's Point - going Wednesday - maybe sooner if I quit my job. I live in Gig Harbor and am thinking about buzzing over in my little duck hunting boat.

    It sounds like a total zoo. Any thoughts on weekday pressure? Are boats a good idea for fly fishermen or do you just piss off those who troll hardware?

    Any feedback would be welcome.
  19. ibn

    ibn Moderator Staff Member

    If you have a boat, don't fish browns point, hit some of the other bays, points and shorelines in the area :) Weekday preasure isn't horrible if you can go in the middle of the day, mornings and evenings have been pretty busy.
  20. martyg

    martyg Active Member

    Thanks. I've been fishing this side (Olalla, Purdy, Fox Island) and it has been real inconsistant :beathead: . It seems like Brown's Point has been going off.