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  1. Kinda big, aren't they? So, this morning I awaken to snow AND 5-degrees! Oh well, my wrist lets me push a shovel, so I was delighted to get out and do so. Like my Dad used to say, "You have to pick the fruit where you find the tree." The opportunity to do something physical outside was appreciated, after sitting-around for 3 weeks waiting for my wrist to get back to full speed.
  2. Ouch!! It was about the same temp here this morning Jim. I went and got the song dogs howling this morning but nothing showed, except mild frost bite on my feet!
  3. Well don't over do it. Wouldn't want you to come down with sore wrist syndrome. Then you wouldn't be able to toast anything good. Lift a good one for me when you get done.
  4. I did just that, Jim. Then I had one for me. I ran down to the store in my little Jeep & had to un-stick 3 stuck drivers (including my former bride & then I loaned her my 4x4 truck so she could get her puppy to the vet. I'm staying home for the rest of the day; I used-up all of my good Samaritan karma for one day. It is damn slick out there.). I'll just be glad when using a fly rod doesn't hurt.
  5. 3 inches of snow in Moses Lake.
  6. ok - now staying home for sure~!!
  7. Damn that tasted good. What were we drinking by the way.
  8. I wish they would make a Willy Warmer 6' 3" then I could crawl inside that sucker and be nice and warm. If it is below 60 degrees it is too cold.
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  9. Buffalo Trace. It's Mmm-Mmm good . . . I'll bring a jug or 2 back. Find a nice grassy spot on Big Sheep Creek so we don't get hurt if/when we fall down . . .
  10. A lady who worked for me before I retired called me yesterday; she lost several of her chickens to a 'yote. I went to her place last night, eliminated the 'yote, and got a home-baked lemon meringue pie in return. FoxPro "chicken in distress" did half of the trick . . . my .204 Ruger & a red light did the rest. It was a mangy rascal & in bad shape; no wonder it was preying on chickens. Beat shoveling snow . . .
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  11. I try not to fall down anymore that I have to. I watch where I put my feet now a days. It takes to long to get better after a fall. My last little bout with a fall took for ever to get better.

  12. Way to go Jim
    I was out in the snow today from 7:30 till 4:00 and went . One for three on yotes. Walked about six miles. I'm beat. Time to sit in front of the fire......
  13. Who wants to float tomorrow?

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  14. Run that baby down some hills:)
  15. I see a new winter Olympic sport. Downhill raft/driftboat racing. Oars optional.

  16. Down hill pontooning
    Anyone of us could be a Olympian!!!!
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  17. WooHoo! It's up to a balmy 24, BUT . . . 4 or 5 more inches of the white plague. I'm running out of places to put this crap.

    I tried downhill skiing one time, but it took so long to tow the boat to the top of the run that it just wasn't worth the trouble . . . not to mention all of the people who were yelling at us . . .
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