Bruised Cho-itch Mutt (river silver pattern)

Discussion in 'Patterns' started by Philster, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. Quick and dirty silver pattern in the temple dog style, but so cheap and dirty the name had to be downclassed too.

    arctic fox wing, with crystal flash, matching hackle, short cactus chenille body (silver in this case, but can match any color wing on flies for humpies and chumleys). Yes Virginia, Silvers do hit on the swing!:cool:
  2. Very cool fly, Philster.

    I'm an old fly fisher that's new to the NW - 2 yrs - and new to tying my own flies, but loving it! This fly just looks good and "fishy" to me. I'm not an artist, I'm a fly fisher. And your's is just the sort of pattern that appeals to me. Fishy as hell.

    I've been working my way through tying for trout, and SRC and cohos in the Salt. I won't fish anything other than what I've tied myself. As the season demands I'm now begining to target salmon in the rivers. So.... would you be so kind to suggest a handful of effect patterns that someone just finding their way through fly tying could turn out fishable versions of? Your council would be much appreciated.

  3. Hey Dan

    I'm nowhere near the silver expert lots on this board are. For me I use flashy ones, middle ones, and dull ones. I mainly use three colors. Orange, Cerise, and blue. So I have flash flies, tied with Orange hackle, some with cerise hackle, and some with blue hackle. I have flies like the one in this post, that have a little silver in the body, and some gentle flash in the wing. Any pattern. Once again mainly in those three colors along with pink, because I have some flies for pink salmon. Lastly I never go salmon fishing, regardless of the species without Teeny Nymphs in Black, Chartreuse, Cerise, and Ginger. No flash on those. Not saying you they have to be teeny nymphs, but for when things get rough, and the fish get stale, a size 6 or 4 drab fly, like a burlap, can really turn the trick. I just like the fact that the teeny is easy to vary color, but a chenile body and a hackle in all the colors listed so far would be fine too. You WILL get lots of whiteys and par hitting a ginger teeny just to warn you. I sometimes have to change patterns because I can't get a whole drift without getting pestered... I have caught lots of accidental silvers on a purple egg sucking leech too!

    Hopefully the real experts will chime in. But I start with the flashy and move toward dull. I also vary presentation until I find what they want, and water type. Silvers for me are a matter of knowing all the presentations, and working them all until you find what they want.

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