Bucks Bags Southfork

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by J-Go, Mar 11, 2004.

  1. J-Go

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    Bucks Bags Southfork, used ~two dozen times and less than two years old. Stainless steel frame (rust-proof), upgraded oars, awesome condition. $475.

    Before running out and buying the new F _sh-cat - keep in mind that this boat weighs about half as much, which makes it more responsive when running the rivers, easier to throw on top of your vehicle, and is a no-brainer if you plan on finning' your way around Eastern WA lakes in the wind.

    -Second daughter is about to arrive and I need to buy a bassinet :beathead of which I'll modify into a new fishing craft in a year or two.
  2. hookjaw24

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    Sent you a private message with contact info for me. Let me know where you stand with the sale please.

  3. J-Go

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    This boat has been sold.

    And to anyone that may have taken offense - I do think the PAC/Fishcat boats are nice, just think the Buck's Bags boats are nicer.