Bucktailing questions

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by South Sound, Aug 20, 2005.

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    Has anyone else notice that the person driving seems to hook the most fish, with the person on the starboard side hooking the next highest and port being the least. Any other suggestions or tips for bucktailing.
  2. Jim Kerr Active Member

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    I think it depends alot on your wake. Coho love the prop wash but if you have a heavy boat you might have to run your flies out farther. If you have a small boat with say a fifty horse or smaller the middle is the place to be. If people arn't hooking up have them change the distance from the boat they are fishing.
  3. Salmo_Gairdneri Another Fly Fisher

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    Also, if your boat doesn't create much disturbance behind the boat, try trimming the motor up a bit. This decreases the efficiency and forces you to throttle up a little. This gives more disturbance and seems to give better attraction.


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    doing more turns instead of just trolling straight is a good method if you can't seem to find just the right speed - the outbound fly will speed up and the inbound will slow down often creating hits. Talking 45 and 90 abrupt turns here.

  5. Bob Triggs Your Preferred Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishing Guide

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    This phenomenon may have a lot to do with the rotational direction of the prop too. I bet you would have different results, as far as aft trolling catch rates per side of boat- all things else being equal- if you used a dual prop with counter rotation.
  6. Surf_Candy Member

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    can also drop a flasher/weight combo behind the boat on a parachute cord and have your fly near the flasher. try different prop colors - chartreuse is good...glue some of the scale flash on it as well.

  7. hikepat Patrick

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    Never heard of putting any type of scale flash to the prop, I like that idea. Have you really tried it before?