Buhl/Twin Falls area

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    I know Buhl is considered the trout capital of the world because of the many hatcheries in the area. But other than the many hatcheries how is the fishing in and around the surrounding areas? I could possibly be relocating to the area because of a job and I am not familiar with SW Idaho.

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    Buhl is actually a nice, quiet, small-town community. It's quite a bit different from Sandpoint, though. I lived near Buhl for ten years. The fishing in the area is fantastic. For stream fishing you have The South Fork of the Boise, Silver Creek, Big Wood River, Little Wood River, Big Lost River, Malad River, and the Bell Rapids area of the Snake River. There are several reservoirs in the area with excellent fishing, like Mormon Reservoir, Magic Reservoir, Fish Creek Reservoir, and Little Wood Reservoir. There are good fly shops in Boise and the Sun Valley area. I don't know if there is a real fly shop in Twin Falls anymore.
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    Job + more fish - crowds = what are you waiting for
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    It's within an hour of Silver Creek. Need more be said?
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    Thanks all I really appreciate the info!