Build a rod holder for your spare rod

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  1. Here are some pics of a simple rod holder I built to hold my second rod in the new boat. It is made from an 11'' piece of 2'' OD PVC pipe and a scrap of 2x4. I made a couple of test cuts originally to determine the best cutout shape to hold the rod. Once I had that figured out I was able to produce several more for my vaarious boats and also for the stake pockets in my pickup truck. The truck holders are really handy when you are fishing a stream like Kelly Creek where you are constantlly driving from one location to another.

    I like these things because there are no straps or clamps to put them in place, just build the base to whatever your needs are and screw it in place. I also have one on my South Fork on which the base had a hole the size of the boat's tubing drilled through it then cut across the hole diameter with a saw and attach the halves back together across the tubing much like the main bearing on a connecting rod. The screws make it easily adjustable for any angle and removal takes just seconds.

  2. Very nice work, very nice indeed!
  3. That's awesome! Nice work! I should add one of those to my livingston
  4. Nice work, looks good! I'm thinking of doing something similar for my cat frame. What did you use to cut the opening in the pipe and smooth the edges? I was thinking a hack saw for the cuts and some 100/280 grit for softening the edges.
  5. Very nice... Thanks for sharing
  6. Ive, you are a master craftsman!
  7. Plecoptera, The best way to cut the tubing is to make a layout of the cut lines with a sharp marking pen then drill about a 5/16'' hole at each of the corners of the layout. I usually make the main cutout on my table saw and then finish the job with a sabre saw. The drilled holes eliminate sharp corners and make the finish sanding easier.

    Steve, don't insult the real master craftsmen! I am just a hack woodworker at best having a hell of a lot of fun in a well equipped shop. The companion piece to the spare rod holder is nearing completion now. It is a rod caddy to hold the rod I am fishing with while I row or troll. It solves the problem of where to put your rod when you can't have it in your hand. Pictures soon.

  8. Very nice.
  9. Ive, how did you radius out the top of the wood block to accept the PVC?
  10. Yes, Very Nice! I purchased a couple of similar holders that strap onto the tube of my Water Master. I like that simple "bolt action" design because it is waaaay less likey to catch a fly line than a Scotty, especially when stopped/pausing to step off the seat to work a fishy spot with a few casts. One holder was included in the WM Kodiak expedition package with a integrated molded mount with a radius that orients the rod vertically. The other is from Dave Inks (Water Strider) that orients the rod at about 45* in the line of travel by using a couple of slots to thread straps through the bottom of the pipe for holding it in place on the tubes. I greatly prefer Dave's simpler design but it's a lot heavier. I might just pick up some lighter pipe and use your method of cutting out the rod slot.
  11. Rob, I used a 2'' Forstner bit with the wood clalmped in a vise and the vise clamped to the drill press table. If you don't have that you can achieve a similar result cutting a shallow V with a table saw , a band saw or a coping saw.
  12. Ah, so you drilled a full hole then cut the piece in half resulting in two holders. Makes sense.
  13. Will you kindly repost the photos? I am trying to rig a rod holder for a 13' raft. Thanks!
  14. Ive,

    Have you taken these photos off as I do not see them here today, Monday the 12th on your original post.
  15. What he said!:rolleyes:
  16. What did happen to the pictures ?????
  17. IMG_0261.JPG IMG_0262.JPG IMG_0263.JPG IMG_0264.JPG IMG_0261.JPG IMG_0262.JPG IMG_0263.JPG IMG_0264.JPG IMG_0265.JPG IMG_0261.JPG IMG_0262.JPG IMG_0263.JPG I'll try to find them and re send. IMG_0261.JPG
  18. Here's the pics. Still baffled by why they doubled up.
  19. That is slick. Thank you so much for re-posting!
  20. nice setup.

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