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Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by Ryan Higgins, Oct 27, 2011.

  1. A spinning rod!:rofl: I got into rod building mid summer and have been working on rods ever since. My friend introduced me to salmon and steelhead as well this summer and the bug has taken over. Before I concentrated on warm water species such as Bass and Tiger Musky, but found a great appreciation for the Salmonids. I started this rod as my first Salmon/Steelhead rod. It's a St.Croix SCIII blank, 9 ft 2 piece Heavy power Fast Action 1/2-2oz rod. Once I learn to fly fish (never done it before in my life, but plan on pursuing it soon enough) I'd like to embark on making my own fly rods. until then I can bore you with my spinning setups. This is the second rod I've built, number one isn't picture worthy:rofl: Bottom piece is done, I've got just a few more guides to wrap on the top piece then finish it. View attachment 45203 View attachment 45204 View attachment 45205
  2. Nice brother. I got into rod building the same way. Once you jump into fly fishing you won't go back.

    One piece of advice, learn to cast a fly rod with at least the same action you are going to build, before you build it. I did the opposite and built a fly rod, never having cast one in my life. Now that I've learned to cast I don't really like it, way to slow for a 6 wt. beach rod. The rod is now collecting dust in my closet, although it has come in handy as a back up on more than one occasion. Anyway, just a thought.
  3. Nothing blasphemous aboot spinnin rods. I have a few... I call them my "honkey tossers."
  4. Im thinking about buying one off CL. what would be the best setup for throwing spoons and spinners 100+ feet for smallish rainbows. Edit: already have a decent shimano real.
  5. Good advice. My dad and my girlfriends dad are both "retired" fly fishers and fly tiers. Theres plenty of equipment between the two that I can get a good feel for what I like. My dad was just showing me his 0wt pack ord and reel the other day actually. My girlfriends dad gave me most of my rod building stuff and really got me into it. Guys a serious fisherman, holds the state record for Lahontan Cutthroat!
    Thats funny, my friend at work is Mexican and he calls me a honkey!
    Lure weight? Spinning rods are all based on lure weight. An Ultralight or Light action would probably work fine, just make sure the reel you have is a sub 2500 size or else you'll run into nasty wind knots. Brand and such is all really preference and feel. The more expensive the rod, generally the more sensitive it is. It really helps in detecting light bites or when bouncing lures off of rocks under the water.

    I'll be building a 4 piece UL pack rod as my next project, pairing it with my Pflueger Patriarch 9525 reel for a super light compact UL combo.
  6. Dude....that is nice matter what the base is! A rod is a tool, not a statement of who you are, don't apologize for it. Lots of guys I know go back and forth in the same day! Just get outside and FISH!!!!!
  7. That's a great build. I didn't start taking pictures until my 3 rod. I'm in the opposite boat with only fly fishing and trying to build spinning/casting blanks. I like your use of the Olive Branch with the silver thread Great build looking forward to seeing the finished rod :thumb:
  8. Thanks for the compliment. Time to finish this thing and get it epoxied!
    Thank you. I found instructions on doing the olive branch on and decided I had to try it. An easy way to add something extra to the rod.

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