Bull / Dolly "Quality Swap"

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Backyard, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. Almost that time of year.

    Ok, here's the deal. I've been in a number of these swaps and have been impressed by few of the fly's that I have gotten in return. I spend time on my shit and make them to be durable with quality materials and hooks.

    So on this swap I'm expecting the same. I'm not trying to talk shit but alot of the fly's I have gotten have been great in concept but poor in construction. ( No head cement, thread crowding the eye, materials falling out after a few casts. etc) So take your time on these if you intend on joining this swap.

    I'm shooting for 15 or less swapr's, so if you have a sweet flesh pattern, streamer, or anything besides a glo-bug that gets bulls on the hunt. Sign on up.

    Due date on this swap is by the end of NOV 5th. Same ol rules apply, return envelope/package with a couple bucks for postage, & toe tags.

    Send Flies to:
    PO BOX 341
    Snohomish,WA 98290

    So far we have... 14 Tiers

    Mark Ritari
    Willie Bodger
    Joe M
    Daryle Holmstrom
    Matt Burke
  2. count me in :thumb:
    ill do a olive sculpin thats money for bulls and big browns.
  3. Backyard,
    Your Flies are nice. I am still affraid to use your articulated Sculpin from the Sculpin Swap. It is a awesome fly and I don't want to lose it.

    I would be game to do a tube flesh fly. After another season fine tuning in Alaska and these things are sweet.
  4. So, I haven't actually had any luck in the Bull/Dolly hunt, but I don't think it's the flies... So, I'd like to join in with a Skagit Minnow if y'all are OK with that. Any preferences on white or black (since I don't know which color is preferred)?

  5. Thanks Ringlee, I'll be sure to throw in a couple extra for you to use, lose or abuse.

    WB, yeah a Skagit Min'r would be great. White and black seems to be a deadly combo.
  6. I'd like to join, not sure what I'll tie, but it will be on a tube.
  7. I'll jump in too. My fly is simple, but it owns bulls (and big bows too).
  8. I'm down! Not sure what I'll tie but I'll think of something...

  9. Count me in, I've got nice whitefish pattern for when the eggs are gone.
  10. I'm in (how exactally do these work?)
  11. chris count me in. i gotta lot a bunny floating around here:) ill check back.......
  12. Ok read the thing I'm in, but I never use head cement
  13. Done with the flies. Just need an address to send them off. I will rig them up the way I fish them. They need to be pegged away from the hook.

  14. Right on, I'll pm everyone with the address. I'd like to get a couple more swap'rs joined up before the end of the month so we all get a good variety of flys.
  15. I will tie up a few more in case we get some more people.
  16. I'll join, don't know exactly what I'll tie, but it will have some bunny fur on it and might be articulated.

    Can't say that I have a goto bull fly, but have some good streamer material and need to get some other stuff tied up!
  17. Any spots left? dying to try out the new norvise.

  18. Guess all spots were filled with no response.

  19. I wouldn't say that yet.

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