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  1. I am looking to tie some bull trout flies that are proven to catch bull trout. thanks, mike w
  2. Those are some sweet looking flies. I wish you had a sbs for those!
  3. What's up Eric! Thanks for the commendation. I miss fishing that river! I'm here in Germany chasing big Pike for now!
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  4. Big marabou and bunny monsters.
  5. just a note, it is not legal to target bull trout in Washington. I wonder if anyone has been ticketed for catching them. the one I accidentally caught did not fight very hard. mike w
  6. Mike,
    You can target bull trout in some systems in the state. Check the regs for which systems.
    As far as flies go, all white bunny leeches. Also black or purple bunny leeches with a chartreuse head.
  7. I caught 11 one day up on the Cascade while steelhead fishing. They're legal in the Skagit system. The biggest I hooked up there was 26 inches. I'm not a dolly/bull trout fisherman so all were released, one was briefly detained while a tape measure was applied.
  8. I have also caught a Big Bull with a big stone fly imatation with a red bead While I was steel head fishing.
    Kelly Michelsen
  9. All my bullies were caught targeting trout. All were released and none left the water.
  10. my apologies, I thought the state of Washington banned all bull trout fishing. the old dog syndrome. mike w
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  12. works for bows up to 24" on the yak, bet it works anywhere there's big hungry trout and sculpins!
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  13. Well, guess it's vice-time for me! :)
  14. Olive Zonker patterns, white zonker patterns, big olive wooly buggers etc. white, olive, brown, black purple etc. really anything big, anything you'd chuck at a Brown Trout. Big streamers. BT's are crazy! I've had 24" west slope Cutts on my line and while reeling them in and trying to net them from a raft on a MT river BT's would come up behind them and attack them. I was out fooling around once with Pike flies and caught a BT. They'll take a Big Mac over a regular cheeseburger any day. Give Icelandic sheep hair a try for some great action.
  15. I will suggest something big and fury... sometimes it comes handy to have tube flies that you can string them up and make it really big and heavy... but it shall cast like a lure : )
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  16. Weighted Marabou Streamers, Zonkers, etc. Big Bull Trout eat primarily small fish. Match the food source with a variety of streamers. Sometimes egg patterns will work also.
  17. image.jpg


    After a lot of messing around I really really like this fly for out of the boat on the move and walk and wade stripping for bulls. Despite its appearance it sheds water and drops like a rock and darts around almost as good as bunny. I fish it on a floating outbound short with with either 8' of t8 or t11 on my 6wt single hander and it's deadly. For swinging only with light two handers I run a lightly weighted bunny tube really similar to a sculpzilla. But catching 16-22" bulls all day on a 5-6wt single hander is a total blast. I even had some good action with full floaters and foam headed bunny gurglers. Good times.
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