Bumble Bee Nymph ( Sun Fly)

Discussion in 'Patterns' started by Davy, Mar 18, 2005.

  1. Here's a nymph a guide in NoCal on the McCloud river taught to me years ago.I have had great success with it on many rivers including the Yakima.

    I like to use it when the sun is bright and the water clear and no other visible or known insect the fish are feeding on. :confused:

    Heavily weighted, I often use it on the bottom of a two nymph set up together with a #18 or 20 Coachman wet or something similar.

    Hook 9672 # 10,12
    Gold bead head
    3/4 shank= .015 lead wire
    Tail = peacock sword
    Body = yellow floss ribbed with peacock herl and counter ribbed with fine gold wire
    Thorax= Peacock herl and soft grizley saddle or hen hackle

    Enjoy ! :thumb:


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  2. I did, but I hope it doesn't sting me.
  3. That is an awesome pattern, kind of reminds me of a tellico nymph. I will have to add it to my aresenal.

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