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  1. Archery season opened here in Northern California last Saturday.

    Went out late today to chase an extremely large blacktail buck I had seen about four weeks ago. Did my indian imitation, snuck around the woods keeping well up wind of where I was headed and then sat at a crossing in the area I knew the buck frequented.

    Sat there for about two hours in the last heat of the day and had a passing parade of deer, turkeys, and various other wildlife, all going to a small water source just down the hill. Great place. Just about the time my butt was growning blisters the big one came down the path.......

    I haven't shot my bow much in the past year due to shoulder problems but last season I had no problems getting a buck and this last spring I garnered in a nice tom turkey with it.

    The buck stopped broadside, looking the other direction, at 22 yards. I raised the bow and tried to draw back. Dang!!! A tear in my rotator cuff and my strained long bend tendon let me know that I won't be using my bow the rest of this year. I couldn't even get it half way back. I must have groaned with the pain because the buck looked directly at me and then was just gone.....I mean just disappeared....like a puff of smoke. He was a 5X7 and probably would have dressed at over 140 lbs...a monster for blacktails in this area. Oh well, he'll probably make good babies for future hunters. I doubt he will lower his guard again. It has been my experience that once you bust a big buck like that they just fade into the landscape for the rest of the season, seen by no one. I wish I had taken a picture first...no excuse I had the time.

    This is an archery hunting only ranch so no one will get a crack at him with a rifle. That's the good news. I'll find out about the bad news from my Othropedic Surgeaon next week. Now, if I can find a cure for ugly I'll be set for the rest of my life.
  2. Dear "ugly"
    Rotator cuff and strained long bend tendon has got to be the most bummer a guy can have when he is an archer.
    I grew up in southern Oregon and I can relate to the big black tail monsters disappearing, just a puff and no smoke, no noise, where did he go?
    I would be proud to have fooled he at least once in your life.
    Hope ya get better, maybe you will have to learn to pull your bow with your teeth.
  3. That sucks. Hope you heal well. Does that ranch allow "Crossbows"? If so maybe that's the cure for ugly.
  4. No crossbows allowed during archery season, only during rifle season. And, I don't believe the ranch owner would allow them on his ranch anyway. There are unbelieveable numbers of deer on his 5000 acres and only about 10 are harvested each year. I will just enjoy doing spot and stalks for the fun of it and harvest them with a camera this year. Hopefully, by next year I'll be able to bow hunt again and will be in the Spokane area to do so.

    I do have a CA lifetime license so I'll get one deer tag, five pigs tags, an upland game stamp and a state waterfowl stamp per year even though I will no longer be a resident. I hope I live long enough to make the investment (ten years ago) worth while.

    PS: As far as I know, there is NO cure for ugly. I'll just live with it.
  5. Charlie, do you shoot right handed? I got a left-handed bow I'll sell ya ;)

  6. Or you could always make a couple shots like this gal does :thumb:

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