NFR Bumper sticker: a favorite or, better yet, one you would invent

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Dorylf, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. Back off! Clearly I don't care.
    Traffic, make it flow.
    And on the front bumper: !REVO EVOM
  2. Fishing: the most fun you can have standing up
  3. on the back of my truck and cargo trailer.....'sitting in the left lane ?...your village does'nt need a new idiot'......what bothers me is the number of people needing an explanation....
  4. A '70's re-run..."Let the bastards freeze in the dark"
  5. So last year I was out in our back yard taking pictures of my spey rod that I just completed when company shows up and headed out back to snoop at what I was doing. One of Krystle's friends looks at it and asked me if you have to use both hands to cast it and being dumbfounded the only thing I could say was................

    "It is true my rod takes 2 hands"

    That one stuck for a long time and might end up on a bumper sticker some day
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  6. "My gun has killed fewer people than Ted Kennedy's car"
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  7. Apathy Kills Steelhead

    Catch and Keep Hatchery Steelhead
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  8. While not a bumper sticker, I loved a saying on a t-shirt I saw in a recent catalog I received:

    I LOVE
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  9. Actually have that one on the back window of the Jeep. Only BS I've ever put on any vech.
  10. Save a worm's life; fish with flies.
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  11. If you send the sticker back to me with a bullet hole in it I'll replace it! :)
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  12. hahahaha.... Don't be surprised!
  13. Stop Eating Wild Steelhead
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  15. Back when I lived in Oregon I had one that said "Don't Californicate Oregon". After a little customizing by some friends it said "Do fornicate".

    More recently I had one that said "Instant Asshole, add alcohol".
  16. Ha! About that same time, while I was traveling thru California, I saw a hot blonde in a Corvette. The license plate said "Hooker". :D
  17. About the same time, while touring the Western US, down in Logan Canyon (Utah, incredibly beautiful BTW) I was taking pictures of the river and turned around to see a beat up old Dodge abandoned in a pull out. License plate said "SAVED".
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  18. Deep thoughts.....Do Prius owners really need to have that Obama sticker?
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