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  1. Hey guys, breaking out of the Salt only fishing I've been doing for a couple years and jumping into the two-handed world. I'm setting up a Burkie 8134 with a Airflo Compact Skagit. Burkies site recommends 570gr, which is what I'm planning on picking up, but a buddy of mine says 600gr. Thoughts??

    If I go with 570gr, would you throw medium or heavy MOW's?

    Maybe basic stuff, but I searched the forum and didn't find the answer I was looking for.

  2. Poppy at the Red Shed has borrow lines. If you can't borrow your buddies 600, I'd check w/ Poppy. Those line recommendations from the manufacturer are a great place to start, but most rods have fairly wide grain windows, so personal preference comes into play. If you've never cast a spey rod, I wouldn't start w/ the heavy MOW's. In fact, I would probably start w/ a Rio versi-leader in a type 6. Crawl before you walk. I've always thought those MOW tips were way too much money anyway.
  3. Thanks for the advice Big Tuna, appreciate it. I'm gonna try my buddies setup before I start buying stuff.
  4. Great rod. I also own one. The 570 is perfect on it and can throw most anything you need. It will handle a 600 no problem but I would order the Stronger tip if you are going to go in that direction. It would be a bit better at transferring the load deeper into the rod.
  5. Phil is right 570 is perfect and that line will throw any sink tip with any fly.. well at least anything you'd use for steelhead.
  6. While we are on the subject of this rod, anyone fish the Airflo 510 scandi compact? Is the scandi compact being 4' shorter than the Rio AFS easier to cast, and, what are the main differences between the airflo scandi compact and the Rio steelhead Scandi as both weigh in at 510gr and tape out at 34'... and the Burkheimer website recommends the steelhead scandi 510gr head for this rod... hmm...

  7. airflo 510 is great on the 8134
  8. That rod does have a wide window, and I know casters who fish everything from 510 to 600gr Skagits. That said, the 570 is far and away the most popular line for the anglers I talk with, and it's the one the guys at our shop line up when we hit the river.

    600gr is good, and you'll certainly feel it more in your hands, but you'll also have to back off the power to avoid shocking the tip with that much grainage. 600 pushes the rod to it's performance limit, and you'll often lose a little bit of line speed and distance when you do that to a rod. The extra mass in a 600 will give you more turnover oomph when pushing very heavy tips and very large flies, but that's the exceptional situation to a normal fishing day.

    When choosing sinktips consider the line before the rod, ultimately the skagit line is the thing pushing your sinktip. The medium (t-11) or heavy (t-14) MOW tips will both fish well off a 570 Skagit, 570 is in that magic window that fishes both well. So, take a look in your fly box and consider what flies you're fishing. If you often fish large flies that require powerful turnover, go with the t-14. Medium to small flies would fish better off the t-11. Why can't you fish small flies off t-14? You can, but you'll notice that the energy in the t-14 will sometime turnover prematurely at the end of a long cast unless there's resistance from a bulky fly on the end. This results in a beautiful cast that turns over early and gives you a big, dumpy pile of fly, leader and tip when it lands. Why not fish t-11 all the time? Because it doesn't give you the really high power turnover when you're chucking a chicken. You can throw BIG flies on t-11, but not as easily. Like everything in fishing gear, it's a compromise.

    Short answer: 570 Compact Skagit. Medium MOW set. Marabou tube. Catch fish.

    You've got a superb all season steelhead rod. Enjoy it.
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  9. Pirate,

    The 510 Compact Scandi and the 510 Steelhead are both well suited to the 8134-4. You'll notice slight differences when you cast the two lines side by side, but they'll do many of the same things very well. The Airflo seems to have a bit punchier turnover, and you may prefer it if you spend lots of time with sinking polyleaders, or really big and wind resistant dry flies. The RIO seems to have a little smoother turnover and you may prefer that if you're looking for a floating line to fish traditional wets. But really, it's hard to go wrong with either one.

    The Steelhead Scandi is 4' shorter than the AFS, but that's not necessarily the reason it's easier for you to cast. If you cast it better than you just plain cast it better. Go with it.
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  10. Thanks for all the info guys, I really appreciate it. Can't wait to start swinging.
  11. The 570 is dead on for me. 15' of straight t-14 is the heaviest tip I can cast. Never tried any mow tips with this rod, I like 8-15' of t 8, 11, 14. I've also tried the 600 and 540- I felt the 600 was too heavy and the 540 & 570 were nearly indistinguishable except when throwing heavy tips. Also really like 540 gr. intermediate compact. Good luck and happy fishing, chad
  12. i love the afs on that rod.

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