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  1. I cast a friends 7134 yesterday, third cast I launched it across the river with a good tug on the drag at the end. Walking out of the water I thought, Man, I shouldn't have done that.

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  2. I just realized that Burkheimer is an exception to the "I before e" rule.

    BTW, love my 7133.
  3. Similar thing happened to me after an evening with the CFB 8133-3
  4. I said the same thing about the Miser Ed had up there. How did the rest of the day go?
  5. No kidding, same thing happened to me. Tried a friends burkie and I had a 8142 a few months later and hope to get a 7133 or 7134 if uncle sam is kind to me this year. My advice is to turn down offers to try the single handers. I tried one and now own a 489 and a 595. I love my burkheimers.
  6. I had prior commitments, so I never made it out on saturday.
  7. A rose by any other name...
  8. Chris, I have a 7133-3 that you're welcome to try sometime.

    BTW - the kid is probably redshirting up at SFU but is 6-1 wrestling unattached so far this season. Really hoping to get her into the OTC development camps starting in Feb.

    Sashjo - just remember "Eisenhower's Niece" and and you should be good and the sound of the ei/ie is a giveaway almost always.
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  9. I'd love to go watch her wrestle sometime, when is their next home match? It's only about an hour from my house, and I love Vancouver.
  10. Probably next season since she's redshirting. She's just been wrestling in senior open tournaments and informal duals. The team has some stuff right after the holidays but I doubt she'll wrestle unless someone gets hurt. I'm almost positive she could squeak out an AA this season but she wouldn't be a high-podium threat. With a year in the weight room and her current training partners, who knows... The girl below her is #3 for the US Nat'l team and the girl above her is #1 for the US (and world silver medalist) plus a room full of top Canadians. She's definitely in the right spot and I have more time for fishing!

    I'll let you know if anything interesting comes up.

    Now if she'll just stop saying "eh?'
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  11. Saturday was even windier than Friday and there was a bit of debris dodging going on with the river at spate. That said, we had an even larger turnout than Friday and a whole lot of fun.

    So great to meet you and your crew Jason. You guys are welcome up here anytime. Paul still has me cracking up.

  12. For sure. We had a blast. We'll be back in 2 weeks. Hope we can link up.

  13. Doublepost
  14. Funny thing about these rods...they get you after a bit...My first one I broke the tip on and was some bummed, talked to Nate down there and he hooked me up with a 7133...I've fished that rod and caught steelhead on rivers all over Wa. and B.C. , I have no problem with it where fish could go 20lbs...the 8133 is just a sic rod as well...Hard to believe it's an 8wt and butter smooth to cast and fish all day...

    Lately I've been thinking about trying the big sticks again..(I've never enjoyed um that much which is why I mainly fish the 7133)..got the new 8152 burkie..the boys down there took care of me and got me one quick, so I could try it out on the big river...that rod is just ridiculus...light in the hand, casts a mile...hooked it up with a cut back carron line so I can use light tips if need be and I'm back to trying to rail myself in on the distance thing...

    Too many nice rods..can't fish um all!!!
  15. Would you mind giving a bit more info on the modified carron that you are throwing on the new 8152. I'm pretty interested in that rod and haven't seen anything yet but comments on the next cast lines with it.
  16. I have tried the 55' w.a. on it and it's an weird line..I love the ff and wa's but not the 55 so much...the 55' 8/9 wa would just rock on some casts...like hammer time out with 15 big strips of running line out...tight loop and bang the rod at the end..unfortunetly..that would happen like every ten casts with the other 9 being anywhere from suck to ok...Very frustrating line in the end...
    So took a carron 9/10 (carrons are light and you need to go up one line weight to match the 8/9 nextcast) I had Tim up at M&Y in b.c. chop the running line off and cut it at the front so I could put tips on @ 80gr. You can call him at the vancouver shop weekdays to get the exact info. on that if you want....That line is a very nice fishing line...It doesn't bang the reel like the wa did but it casts each time nice and fishes nice..distance is what your skill level takes you.

    With either set up I could use delta tips and throw any size fly I wanted...with the dry tip on it was just butter with a dry or wet...

    Hope that helps...rod is very nice...feels like your fishing a 13' just about...
  17. Thanks for the info on the carron 9/10. Just to be sure I understand, was it the 65 footer that you had altered?
  18. No it was the 55' one, at that length you can do tip work similar to delta's etc. at least that's my understanding...I just know they are a great line..I wish the 55' wa was like the other wa's...but in a pinch I would go with it if I had too..

    If you want much better info. from a guy who understands all that call Tim at 604 639 2278 that's the vancouver Micheal and Youngs shop...We did a shindig up on the squamish checking out all the carron lines etc. I know he was throwing a 75' on my rod..and liked it..
  19. Thanks again. Really appreciate the info.
  20. Chris,

    was that Trevor's rod? If so, having cast it years ago I truly believe there is something else going on with that blank and have since come to the conclusion that KB himself rubbed modulus enhancing potion into the graphite and hired little angels to assist your line flat through the air until it hits the reel, every time. Hands down greatest rod I've ever cast. Would have liked to make it up but went fishing instead.

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