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  1. Joe Howell and Frank Moore are just a couple of must know names to really appreciate the history and beauty of the North Umpqua. At least to me flyfishing for steelhead is half legend/tradition and half about the fish themselves...and those two halves are really inseperable. The North Umpqua is a river I can drive hundreds of miles to see, not touch a fish and still feel very good about.
  2. Leroy,

    No, it isn't about who you know. But being a steelheader is in very large part about what, and a little bit of who, you know about. Not knowing about Frank Moore and the N. Umpqua is to not know all that much about PNW steelhead fly fishing. That's all. If the measure of a steelheader isn't what he knows, then what do you think it is? There's a lot more to this gig than pegging a bead on the SFC you know.

  3. This would be your quote SG, not mine so you may want to answer, but this statement is exactly my point, it's what ya know, not who ya know . I said I didn't think "who you know" has anything to do with being a steelheader, along with talking the talk on a website. Both prove nothing about ones medal on a steelhead river - Just my thoughts- To each their own-
    Beads rock on the SF rock :thumb:- Stewwy D's my bead pimp ...Golfman's his supplier, Jimmy's my color consultant ...
  4. I never heard of the guy either and I grew up down there. Then again, I ain't very religious either.
  5. Frank Moore is one of the humblest, most honorable guys I've ever met. I doubt he minds you having fun at his expense. However, I can't think of a single person more deserving of respect, steelhead notwithstanding. If you need someone to pick on to make yourself feel better, leave Frank alone and talk shit about Mumbles :).
  6. I'm makeing fun of no one , he was the first guy to come up on google named "Frank Moore" with a picture, took about 36 seconds to do it . Sorry you took this out of context as to my intent, but If showing his picture is somehow offensive, I'm sure it will be removed-
    Tell me more about Mr Moore, Now I'm curious... I did see a very disturbing youtube blurb on him too , that makes a little more that 36 seconds, I must confess, but that's about it . Just looked like a hippy in a straight jacket to me- No offense to hippies either, lets clarify that up front befor I get accused of something else...
  7. He stormed the beach at Normandy.

    He was one of the first people to understand the importance of preserving wild fish. IN THE 50'S. Most people didn't even acknowledge fish were a limited resource back then. Jehovah just made more when you needed them.

    And at almost 90 years old he can fish longer and harder than anyone I know. When most people are dragging their feet after a long day (myself included), Frank always has to hit the water one more time.
  8. Nobody know who I am, even thou I've performed legendary feats on river banks of snohomish & skagit countys, some were even fishing related, Now days everyones a name dropper as if who you know means anything !!
  9. Leroy, now is when you retreat and make face.

    Flyborg, not to mention the dude can throw 100 ft of line, on a single hander, no problem. Did I mention he's almost 90? A true class act. One of the last great steelheaders we have on earth.
  10. Its funny; but this thread got my attention. BTW, I thought bush bunnies were people looking for anonymous homosexual encounters in public parks. Hope that the OP and incident didn't include any of that. Even if you do go both ways?---those random wooded encounters are a sign of mild illness.

    As to the legends, they are in constant evolution. Tribute to them, yes. Pedastel and sainthood, No.
    People and anglers, though awesome & skilled, larger than life, are mortal.
    Steelheading endures.
    Cheers to the new generation.\
    May you learn from the past, add to it, and imprint it to the future.
  11. I don't think so scooter ...I'll save that for your "Stories from the south fork" series of threads and pictures....:rofl:
  12. The true way to tell if a guy knows what hes doing.... watch um while your eating lunch from the bed of your truck.
    yeah, talk is a part of it I suppose, but no steelhead is gonna grab the words coming out of your mouth, only other fisherman will do that.

    That being said, If I saw an old man such as Frank casting 120ft bombs on a single hander, I would instantly know that man was the real deal. anything he said would just be reinforcement.
  13. Pretty short story being that I've only fished it once.
  14. Leroy,

    You might be the shizz and all at beading up steelhead on the SF, and that's fine, I guess. Actually I don't know and don't care. What I was getting at is that being a steelheader means being a well rounded angler. One who can and does employ more than a single technique on a single type of water. It means being well informed, which means digging into the past, reading the available literature about steelhead fly fishing and knowing about the people who helped develop the sport. Frank Moore is on that list. If you aren't familiar with names like C. Jim Prey, E.C. Powell, Karl Mauser, Roderick Haig-Brown, Wes Drain, Sid Glasso, and others that don't come to mind at the moment, you ought to look them up too.

  15. Really? I mean I have read about a lot of the old timers and enjoyed many of the stories. But, we are so far from what steelheading was 50, 60 years ago. Hell, even 30 years ago seems almost like another lifetime when it comes to steelheading. Does one need to know that Babe Ruth once played for the Red Sox to be a baseball fan? Or any other piece of historic minutia for that matter. I say learn the history if you choose and if you don't pick up a rod anyway and hit the river.......if its open.
  16. Kerry, i'm not buying it. Knowing you from this forum, you're someone who values tradition and roots in the world of steelheading, and yes, tradition is a strong element of it. The baseball anology is poor. I was really suprised you weren't aware of him based on my sense of you. Maybe you are too?
  17. Kerry,

    Yeah, really. I suppose there are degrees of "being a steelheader." I sure there are plenty of fishermen who care nothing of the history or traditions of steelhead fly fishing, and call them "steelies" and "steelface," and know next to nothing of methods beyond beads and bobbers. And I don't have the time of day for them because that makes me assume they are equally shallow about most everything else, and life is too short to hang out with shallow people. And while it's possible to be a baseball fan and know nothing of Babe Ruth, it ain't likely. The steelheaders who interest me are the ones who can never know enough about the fish, the water, and the people of the sport.

  18. Beading on the fork, yea that's it! Me and my Buddy Pan !!:rofl:
    I know of and have read some what, on half or more of these guys. Does that make me a steelheader? Sorry, no it does not- Does talking the talk? No, not if I can't walk the walk- Do I care what anyone thinks about how i need to be to be a complete steelheader ? You guessed it, and that was in part my original point, of which we are so far from there now that I'm done trying to figure out what the argument is even about at this stage .-:thumb:

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