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  1. Pan, I've heard of the guy but you know it all doesn't mean much to me anymore. Now it really doesn't mean shit to me as all I see is the whole damn thing going away. I don't see where the baseball analogy is weak. Either you care about the old guys or you don't and I don't see any need to belong to either group to go fishing just as you don't really need to know who Rogers Hornsby is to play baseball. Knowing who he is or not has no bearing on how good a player you might be. My 2 cents.
  2. Fair enough, but golf would have been a far better analogy....just saying. :D
  3. Likely but I don't know crap about golf except Tiger got laid a bunch.
  4. Solid freaking advice right there. Five pages of people getting all butt hurt because some guy ate his lunch down by the river sitting on the tail gate of his truck? Do you think he had that planned and went through with his plan despite you being there? Are you so vain that you think that he was only there to watch you work your casting mojo?

    What was it that Carly Simon once said? Something about thinking this song is about you? Dude was having lunch, as planned. What he got was lunch and a show. Bonus. No harm, no foul.

    For the hijackers. I thought Umpqua was a freaking fly producing company. There is a river with that name? Sheesh, who would have known?
  5. Swing and a deep drive from Ed as he clips the hornets nest dead center .... WOOT WOOT !!!!:rofl:

    I think you should be banned for this...:ray1::rofl::rofl: And don't even think of saying anything about a man named Frank Goore, unless ofcourse you know him...
  6. and he's as arrogant as he is good, and I know of him, so i must be able to call myself a golfer -:thumb:
  7. Tiger has also done a bit of steelheading with the two hander...............

  8. Dec and a classic reel? All is forgiven Tiger.
  9. Frank and Jeanne Moore are damn good folks, and Frank (at what, 89?) still crushes your hand with a handshake. They stopped by the SAA booth at the PDX sportsman's show and chatted with me for about 10 minutes...I wish it were hours more.

    As for folks watching fishermen, I do it all the time on rivers with roads. Sometimes you learn a great deal just by observing...you also get to see the water the other guy misses.
  10. I posted a quick rant. Read the original post. Vanity????No, more of an annoyance. I like solitude when fishing. I dont consider that such a bad thing. I grew up fighting off bush bunnies on the milwaukee river beating off in the bushes to me and my 16 year old brother fishing for years. So quick to judge...eh?I have my reasons for not liking people standing behind me....I truly appreciate the solitude that can be had out here......
  11. Friken awesome responce, you too have a great plan for the angry anglers on the water! would love to fish with you someday.
  12. The history of our sport is a very important part of the sport, there are hundreds of men just like these that go un noticed. Every area has its legends, some of the best don't know the others, they just don't have time off the water, or away from work. Just like fishing reports, some are followers and some are makers! That is not to say that we should not read what others have done it just says that we all advance through this love of the sport in different ways.
  13. Yup, we should definately fish sometime, very well stated:thumb:

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