Busting my knuckles!!

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by poloboycb, May 27, 2012.

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    I am taller than average at 6'6". I have a 16' Driftboat. I have a long body. When I row I constantly hit my knuckles on the seat inthe front. I currently have oar wrights(sp) on the oars, and they are in a comfortable position. I am weary about taking them off as my arms will be too far apart for a smooth, effective stroke. I have thought about taking the front seat off as the front fisher-person is usually standing but changed my mind for comfort reasons, especially in fast water. Any thoughts?

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    Curt, I understand you're taller, but are you hitting your knuckles all the time? If so, you may be over rowing. Biggest mistake I've found is people not letting the drift boat do it's job. You should more be doing correctional rowing, or slight movements. Would be interesting to see how far of throw you have on your oar stroke. I know even I have hit my knuckles once or twice, but usually if I'm power rowing (and that's on a lake usually, rarely on a river).

    Here's a thing to check. Where are the oars sitting on your body if your hands are touching your body with hands on oars? If you are hitting your chest dead center, basically your thumbs are touching, you have your oars set too far in. You want to maximize your powerstroke, you want your thumbs to basically punch you in the ribs. If you have the oar donuts (or oar rights) set too far down the oar, you'll put your hands farther up towards front seats.

    Another problem which could be remedied. Is your seats, oar locks adjustable? Maybe drop them back one or two spots, if possible.
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    Great advice from Jerry. I'll emphasize...dude, don't work so hard. Full strokes for frogwater or scary bits. Otherwise, be the boat.
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    Thanks Jerry. I'll take a look at the positon of my hands next time I'm out. I am also relatively new to driftboating and I am sure that I am over rowing. I also take a look at my seats. Thanks for the advice.

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    I like jerry's points! What I would like to point out is oar length, most drift-boats are set-up with to long of oars. This might be ok for rowing large rivers with large V'S to move through each rapid and for back rowing plugs and such, but is not for fast skinny rivers. I use 8 1/2' oars on 16 ft. drifters unless they are supper wide boats. a regular width would be 52" or 54" wide I do not like 9' fters for alot of reasons! when you have to do power strokes or long strokes for fast moves around rocks or trees you need to be able to move your arms where ever you need to move them - long oars will make you hit the seats on any drifter. also long oars can not be lifted over rocks by pushing down on them unless they are set to high for normal use - shorter oars allow for more movement in all situations.

    my friend bought a 17 ft willy's and then bought 10' oars for it ---- what a dog for tight rivers because of the long oars, I feel 9 fters would of been a better match, at the most 9 1/2 but the sellers recomended 10'. I have owned 2 - 16 fters and ran 8 1/2 ft oars on both -willy's guild model and a diamond back normal width I also have owned a 13' wood and now a 14 ft fiberglass. If your only floating large rivers the normal length 9' for 16 ft. is fine.

    most the rivers I run you have you to be quick!

    east fork lewis
    hatchery down or above hatchery sol duc
    and many more, when I set-up a drifter I want it set-up for the rough stuff not the easy boat ride but that's just me and I know it costs a lot for new oars. I second move the oarsman seat back would be the first thing to try! If your hands are almost touching how do you push down to lift the oars to get over obstuctions without hitting your legs? I like them close but not ever that close.