But they are so delicious!

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  1. It was the perfect hot pink bucktail too. Can't get mad at him. It was my fault for leaving it out but damn! Why are they so tasty? image.jpg
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  2. Oh my gosh, looks like my ol' lab Angus. He had torn up so much of my fly tying material that it is not funny. I had a few No1 grizzly's that I spent good bucks for and it went to shit! literally. Had three labs and just watched which one did the colored poop and GUILTY as charged. It was Angus every time. My wife sent me many photos of my man cave fly tying room and said please don't get mad but look....material all over.

    So I know how you feel
  3. Holy shit thats funny.
  4. It's hard work chewing that stuff up, look how tired he is! I've come home to a similar scene, fortunately it was just marabou which is fairly cheap.
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  5. I have to keep my office door closed so my wife's cat does not go in there and eat all my materials.
  6. My last Lab was fond of fly tying . . . materials . . .

    Hank sniffs but doesn't chew, although he gets a bit excitable when Pheasant skins or tail feathers are out. I believe Labs & Lab mixes have a bit of a mischievous gene not found in other dogs, lol, but their unconditional love gene pool is massive.
  7. So yummy! Now you just need to be at a public park with him when he decides to unload a hot pink turd and act like its totally normal.
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  8. Well now, what have you learned from this? :D

    My materials are always kept far away from the pets... cats and dogs.

    All it took was the destruction of one of my Metz necks (when they were popular) by a Brittany when I was tying flies at a friends place for me to keep fly tying materials under lock and key.
  9. My dog loves them too! Luckily she's small so she usually only chews up a small portion! I now keep the fly tying room closed and/or my materials in a secure container.
  10. I was going to say your lawn will look like Easter morning.. but the park idea is a great one.. would be so funny.
  11. he got some good fiber in his diet!
  12. Good thing bucktails are inexpensive! I keep my office / tying area off limits to animals - they know they are not allowed in there! This, by the way, is a result of experiences like the above.
  13. If I ever get one that craps size #14 Para Purple Haze, I'm going into the cloning business.
  14. My beagle ate some coho jigs I tied up once. It was amazing how he chewed off the material and never got hooked. That little guy could eat anything

  15. For the rest of my life I shall think of your dog when ever I tie on a pink turd.
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  16. You'll be able to easily locate the piles in the yard, even in the dark
  17. watch the cats too....they will do a good job on your dry fly necks before you turn the cat into dubbing!
  18. Luckily, my pets can produce some fly tying materials. LOL

    When I get a chance to learn how to tie flies, I'm so putting in one of my cockatiels head crest feathers. They glow under UV like a highlighter.
  19. I had a similar thing happen years ago (like 13 to be exact). Or then lab puppy Kody was left home alone while we ran to the school for my kids book fair. I had an exotic bird breeder on a route I used to cover. He gave me a beautiful argus pheasant skin and a JC skin. They weren't perfect, but he couldn't sell them in the condition they were in. But they were PERFECT for my tying. They only had been lightly cured. I tossed them onto my flytying desk and ran out the door. When we got home, my wife (then girlfriend) walked upstairs first and said "Honey, don't come up here". Of course I REALLY wanted to get up there. What did I find? Both pelts DESTROYED beyond repair. All the nails off the JC skin were done for. Live an learn (and Kody actually lived up until a few weeks ago surprisingly).

    Onto "wishes" on materials. My wife had a few spot albino spotted Appaloosa (best way to explain it). He had white pigment, and only like 4-5 spots on him (which is the black skin under in spots). His fur was EXACTLY like polar bear. I mean spot on. His mane was about 12" long. My wife told me (then as a girlfriend) "NO! I know exactly what you're thinking" when I was playing with his mane. LOL. She said when he passed I could cut it off, but Appy manes just don't grow very fast. But out of respect for him I left him intact when he passed, leaving his hair behind. But some days I still think "I should've cut some". LOL
  20. Our youngest cat managed to get two 6 foot boas of Marabou out of my tying bins yesterday. Luckily he didn't chew them up, just pulled they out to see what they were about.

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