" Buy a shot gun"

Discussion in 'Cast & Blast' started by Mark Walker, Mar 28, 2014.

  1. I didn't know Washington DC was wooded and secluded. Isn't that where Biden's residence is?
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  2. The video doesn't say much about the instructors, imho.
  3. Fire two rounds, out of a double barrel shotgun. Yeah, right. Now you're out in the open, empty, & vulnerable. All politicians should take uncle Joe's advice. Buy a shotgun. :D
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  4. Biden's a fucking moron: Furniture has more intelligence.
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  5. whats that say about the people that elected him?
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  6. Got THAT right! I wouldn't vote for either of those twits. However, Romney's comment about the 47 percent looks like it's pretty accurate.
  7. I'm not responsible for electing those jack wagons, but bet your ass we will all have to pay for that crap.
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  8. As opposed to the Trillion dollars spent by the the Village Idiot from Texas looking for WMD's? And I can't even get into the fine young men and women that were lost or wounded, I have a meeting in an hour at work and can't get 'dark'.
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  9. Rule 1) NEVER go outside; stay inside your secure perimeter.
    Rule 2) The only time you fire up into the air is when the threat is flying.
    Fact: Biden is an idiot and of monumental proportions.
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  10. Oh fuck, here we go, Bush vs Obama...gimme a fucking break...they're all assholes and you're idiots for voting for any of them...lock this shit down...
  11. Sooo, where do you suppose Syria, having no facilities to manufacture any, got the gas it used on it's own people? Just wondering...
  12. Political Spin alert! Knock it off.
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  13. ah ah ah, can't have it both ways, Mr. Mumbles...:D
  14. Re-read the totality of the content. Tell me when it went from jovial to truly political...call me Captain Obvious on that one. We allow some latitude but a few characters push until content gets reported. We should all understand where to draw the line.
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  15. Obviously, it was when I went off subject and exposed myself as a semi-flaming liberal that gets physically ill anytime I hear or see Bush, as opposed to Cheney where I just get afraid for our country. I did send an IM to Ed, contents of which are between us. Roper summed it up perfectly and my political commentaries are now and forever in the distant past. Those who ignore history are condemmed to relive it.....or something like that
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  16. I look at it somewhat like this, " those who rise above history are destined to improve it..." Resentments, particularly those for folks we don't even know/meet, are only detrimental to ourselves and do nothing to lift ourselves up. BTW, jumping into water can quench those "flames"...go fishing.
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  17. Those same 'flames' are also used defending my right to hunt[archery], the 2nd. amendment, my right to bear arms[which I do most times] and if need be, use some douche for target practice that deserves it.
  18. Not to get involved in the flame war/shit-storm that may or may not be occurring in regards to political ass-hattery, but this video makes me shake my head. Some people should not be allowed to teach other people to shoot. Poor stances, severe lack of ear/eye protection, matching tiny people to large guns with hot loads, etc. The people behind the camera should be more ashamed than the people trying to shoot. The girl with the AR seemed to have a good instructor.
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  19. Justin@shitmydadsays 4 Jan 2012
    "These candidates are dog shit. All we're doing is picking out the dick that's going to f@#! us."

    Best ever line describing politics

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