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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by kelly cunningham, Jan 27, 2008.

  1. All,
    I'm not normally the type who airs his business but this is something that I don't want to see happen to anyone else. I thought I was over it until I came upon a forum today on another site where some poor soul was "taken" (just like me) by the same outfit.

    Last May I thought I purchased a cataraft boat frame from an outfit in North Bend, OR (White Water Fabrication). I had seen their boats on the water over the years and saved my pennies until the day I was ready to make the purchase. Spoke to the "owner" on the phone-a guy named James Haworth who told me that they had a bunch of the frames bent up and would ship once he received my check. Being the trustworthy jackass that I am, I sent him a cashiers check for the whole enchelata ($1,400). He told me the frame would be ready in 4 weeks. After 7 months, multiple lies and no return phone calls7, I wound up having to take him to small claims court (not a licensed business) where I was successful in getting the nod from the judge. That being said, I have a better chance of winning the lottery than ever seeing my money again.

    Long story short, BEWARE. If you, or anybody you know is thinking about doing business with this SOB, do yourself a favor and think again.

    I guess I'm just a dumb Montanan who is used to doing business on a man's word. Learned my lesson and don't want to see anybody else get took.
  2. SOB eh? I think I could find some other choice words that would more appropriately describe a ****S***** like that.
  3. Trust me boboo3 I've used 'em all in describing this clown. Still toying with the idea of "loading" up and taking a road trip down there. A beatdown is definitely in order.
  4. I have a friend who went through some of the same stuff with this guy.
  5. If they own real estate you can easily attach a lean to the property. Lasts for 10 years, then you would have to do it again. For $1400 I would pay a personal visit.
    Good luck.
  6. Don't get caught.
  7. I assume he or any common law spouse has no regular income that can be garnishee'd (sp?)?

    My dad and I did a roadtrip from Edmonton/AB to Eugene/OR in 1998 for couple thou engine build never produced. Found the lawyer that prosecuted him the 3 prior times successfully and found out his common law wife had a law enforcement related position……She was VERY embarrassed when her wages got garnished to pay her boyfriend’s settlement. After doing our homework we confronted him at his place and she wrote a check right then that DID clear (we were doubtful). He was still out some parts but considered that small price overall (ignoring trip cost).

    Good luck. Was internet involved and/or US mail? I know US state DA's and a few groups take internet crime and mail fraud very seriously. I'm sure others on this site can inform you far better than I on those routes/avenues.
  8. I have a lien on his real property but unless he refinances or sells, I won't see a dime.:beathead:
  9. Not sure if you can get interest as well. But would be fun to see the look on his face when he sells (long forget this) and gets a little less than he was expecting.
  10. per Oregon law, interest acrues at 9 percent annually... 50 years from now I might be rich.:beer1:
  11. Sorry to hear about your loss. I looked very hard at these boats and was convinced they were one of the better boats out there in this category. However it was pretty difficult to get ahold of them when researching and they seemed unresponsive and vague. The product appeared great but the customer service was lacking.
  12. How about a business address?
    I might be in the area in the near future.:thumb:
    BTW is a great place to shop, and Bruce has treated me with awesome customer service
  13. If you sent you payment via U.S. Postal Service, you can get the U.S. Postal Inspectors involved. It would amount to mail fraud. I would certainly give them a call. You can call either the Seattle or Portland offices.
  14. Sent payment via UPS-not sure if that qualifies it for fraud...
  15. Nope, we're a private company, not government. So doesn't qualify.
  16. Sorry to hear that Kelly. That is one thing that I really love about spending tiime in Montana, You can trust a man on his word. Karma, he will get his someday.
  17. Didn't they used to be a sponsor on an Oregon based fishing site?
  18. Not sure that's correct. I suspect what you have is a 'money judgment' (correct?) and you can 'foreclose' on this any time you can identify an asset. Check with the local Sheriff's Dept as they're usually the one's who put the hammer down and grab/hold the asset(s).

  19. If you want to wait that long, you'll have to renew the judgment every (typically) 7 years.

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