Buying a pontoon boat? Save your money.

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by flyfool, Jul 20, 2013.

  1. You probably have one of these in your back yard.

  2. Redneck+ghetto= Badass!!
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  3. Awesome!!!! if you look at the all around light, it is even USCG rules of the road compliant. :p
  4. I dunno. Its missing the hibachi.
  5. Needs the Marine one that's on a gimbal.

  6. I liked the absence of PFD's , yet the beer cooler is securely fastened in case of capsize. A bit far from the helmsman's reach, but that's what the crew is for.
  7. Must be the Duck Dynasty guys.
  8. Does that umbrella pole offer sun protection by day and night life activity after dark?
  9. I'm thinking that's a battery box on the front. Strange no visible beer or smokes but I think there's a bit of crack just out of view.
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  10. And the plaid picnic table cloth!
  11. Old geezers trolling for split tail.
  12. Boat's named "Picnic Lunch." I love it.
  13. Former New Jersey land owners in the very near future!
  14. Actually it's "Picnic Launch"

  15. So it is. Bad eyesight. Need new glasses.
  16. You just gotta love the creativity of man (and woman).
  17. It's inventiveness like this that makes me glad President Lincoln didn't let the South secede.
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  18. Or why we no longer allow cousins to marry.

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  19. Kerry and WW prep for Baker Lake Sockeye...

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