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    hello all, i am a rookie when it comes to fly fishing and i want to learn it bad. Here in the east we dont' really have much and i am not much of a bay fisherman. i like fresh water n we just don't have it very many around here. Luck had it that i happened to marry a girl who lived in seattle area not originally from there but her parents live there now. Fast forward, i am visiting parents-in-laws from the 10th april to the 17th and i can't wait to try out fly fishing there but the question is where do i go. whats the best place for me? I wanna go for steelhead. what kind of flies should i have. I would be really really grateful towards the seahawks nation if anyone of you could help me out here and make this one of few dreams come true.
    Thanks again.
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    Welcome. There are a lot of options for fly fishing within a few hours' drive of Seattle. There are significantly fewer when you time your visit between April 10 - 17. If you want to try fly fishing for steelhead, you'll need to go to the west end Olympic peninsula rivers as they are just about the only ones open through April 15. After that you're even more limited. The Sol Duc is open for spring chinook and early summer steelhead then. BTW, expect very crowded fishing conditions for each remaining day of the season, provided the rivers are in shape to fish, because you're not the only one who wants to get in on whatever action remains this season. The runs are well past their peaks.

    Alternatively, the Cowlitz in SW WA is open to steelheading, but it's been slow there this winter.

    The timing of your visit coincides best with salt water sea run cutthroat fishing on the beaches of Puget Sound. I think it's your better choice because you won't have a gnat's chance of catching a steelhead your first time out unless you nymph for them with a guide, which might be tough to arrange since you're arriving tomorrow. Lead time is usually necessary for booking a guided fishing trip.

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    Great Feathers (in Sparks, Md) is having a soft hackle clinic this month by a Hardy rep. Baltimore has some good freshwater fishing. I know if I had a chance to take in the Great Feathers clinic I sure would. Guess your grass is greener to me and ours out here is a different shade of green for you.

    Good luck with your steelhead endeavor.
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    Funny isn't it? I'd trade a bunch of PNW days for one day on the Potamac (near MD) fishing for bass.....fairly unreal in terms of number and size.
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    thank you guys, thanks for the response. yes i do go to great feathers once in a while and its one of them boys that told me i should grab my rod even though i am just a beginner cause not everyones lucky enough to travel to washington state for fishing. So here i am trying out for pretty much anything. Steelhead would be my main course i guess lol... i have never done a shore fishing and hopefully it'll be fun. hopefully i can bring in some Maryland weather with me as well, i am sure you guys want break every now n then.
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    by the way i don't know where puget sound beach is exactly. would you be so kind and throw in random street address close by so i can perhaps look it up on google?
    Thanks much.
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    What Salmo is referring to is just about any beach on Puget Sound. As always, your best bet is to go to a local fly shop to and get the proper flies and some directions. There are several good ones from Seattle to Tacoma.
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    Where u stayin at rookie?
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    Google Seattle Ferry Terminal. That puts you smack in the middle of town. Zoom out to find open green spaces (parks) and roads that end at or near beaches. Find some that have some true or false land points, visible structure on google earth or old dock pilings. Find places where freshwater flows into the saltwater (skinny blue map lines run into large blue masses of salt water). Find a buddy and fish. If you are only here briefly and really need to fish for steelhead, hit the Cowlitz with a guide that has a jet sled. Have fun!
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    Rookie, let's have an update! Hate to think all of this good advice went unused. If you want to meet me in Forks on Tuesday I'll row you down one of them mighty fine rivers out that way. Guaranteed to keep the bottom side of the raft down for at least most of the trip.