BWO baetis

Discussion in 'Patterns' started by Pat M, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. Pat M

    Pat M Chasing Tiger Trout

    Here is some other pics of my other experimental BWO emergers
  2. toddsbernina

    toddsbernina New Member

    Those are Sick! the cdc loop looks more proportionate to the rest of the fly then the one you posted a week or so ago. Awesome now its time to go test them out on the river. let us know how they did.
  3. troutman101

    troutman101 Member

    Yeah, you did a great job. I imagine the tails are a great shuck imitation. The loop looks yellow but a pale color is fine. I picked a light dun grey for the wing and a tanish dun for the shuck. Just about the same fly you tied though.

    Now get in a feeding lane and dead drift it over fish, count the hits versus the refusal flashes and you are on your way to having a reliable fly. Are you tying two sizes? You'll want 16 and 18. 18's are ideal for around here.