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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by seanengman, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. I typed up a thread for this already, but for some reason my computer decided to burp and lose all the crap I just typed. Anyhow, a blue wing olive swap for spring time. Any stage of the life cycle of the blue wing olive. Maximum 10 tiers, and in my hand by March 15. BWO's rock so lets get a good supply for spring time.

    seanengman- BWO Parachute
    Rodeo11- nymph
    dryflylarry- comparadun creation- RECEIVED
    Richard Olmstead- biot-bodied, CDC loop-wing emergers in size 18- RECEIVED
    Mike Wilson- Sz. 16-18 quill body emerger- RECEIVED
    Mozart- BWO Para's.
    ak powder monkey- BWO wet fly
    scottflycast- cute litte BWO nymph- RECEIVED

    Send the flies to:
    Sean Engman
    PO Box 913
    Davenport, WA 99122
  2. Well you joined my swap so its only fair for me to get in on some BWO action. Count me in for some type of nymph.
  3. seriously, nobody fishes the bwo?
  4. lots do but i think the problem you might run into right now is that there are so many swaps already going on. i would participate but i'm already in 4 swaps.
  5. Mike! you're a busy boy. I'll wait patiently and leave this post up until some of the others get done. I know I missed the boat on a lot of those other swaps. Thats what happens when you sleep on the job.
  6. Seanengman,

    I think you might be able to count me in for size 18 or 20's, a dry comparadun style with synthetic wing, split tail, that is simple and killer for me! I would prefer no more than 10 if possible, but will live for whatever...Smile.
    It's my favorite fly in the late September timeframe. Keep me posted! I'll probably get started tho.
  7. Sean -
    I think Mike is right; there have been a lot of swaps lately. I've only participated in two swaps in my life, but both have been in the last 3 weeks! Also, I fish BWOs a lot and tie more patterns for them than any other type of insect, but I wonder if others may also have been a bit intimidated by the thought of having to tie 20 flies for the swap. Maybe if you limit it to 10-12 participants, you will get more to sign up.

    I guess that means I should volunteer to join, if I don't have to tie more than about a dozen.

  8. Updated
  9. I tie a size 16 - 18 quill body emerger parachute style that has been very good in still water and on the Yakima. I have never done a swap before, but would love to get in on this one. Count me in.
  10. Mike that fly sounds sweet, can't wait to see it.
  11. OK, I started tying up a few biot-bodied, CDC loop-wing emergers in size 18. Probably my most productive BWO pattern.

  12. I'll tie some up. I'm already in another swap tying up some BWO's but I'm restricted to using only three materials. Count me in. I'll be tying some simple BWO Para's.
  13. Thats six tyers, need 4 more. I am still thinking of a pattern for this swap, I am going to tie something unique.
  14. I am going to tie a BWO Parachute, but no need to worry it is very unique.
  15. I think 6 is the magic number. Lets start tying. Lets play by the rules and send flies in a crush proof container with some money to cover the return shipping. Flies to me by March 15.
  16. I'm in with a blue wing olive wet fly
  17. Added one more. Is that cool?
  18. Let'em in! Room for 10 is ok by me.
  19. Sean,
    Room for a nymphomaniac? Got a cute litte BWO nymph.
  20. I think we can handle the nymph. 8 ties now folks.

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