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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by seanengman, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. hey, we're almost there!

  2. I am new to this fly swap world... I see the address to ship the flies to but I need to know if there is anything else required of me besides shipping the flies to you. What do you guys usually ship your flies in? If I ship my flies in an inexpensive fly box does Seanengman put the flies from the swap in that box to ship it back to me? I need to ship some money for the return postage too. I almost have all of my flies ready. They should be in the mail by Friday or Saturday. This is kind of fun, but I think seeing the flies the rest of you tied will be the best part of this experience.
  3. Mike -
    Go back to the fly swap forum page and read the first thread entitled "How a fly swap works." I think that will answer your questions.
  4. Thanks Dick, that answered all my questions. I should have done more reading before I asked the questions. My flies are almost all done, 2 left to tie.
  5. If room I would join--either a BWO emerger or Parachute size 18
  6. Little late, maybe next time unless I get some argument from the others.
  7. Quill Body BWO Emergers just went in the mail. Should be to you by Wednesday Sean.
  8. Right on. I am still working out the bugs on my fly. I think I need a dry fly refresher course from Silverbow.
  9. Mine are done. I was waiting to see how many we'd have in the swap. I'll send 'em off this week.
  10. Mike, got yours today. Great looking flies. Thanks.
  11. Mine are done. Will try to get them in the mail tommorow. Size #20's. Hope they don't blow away! :)
  12. Great. Looking forward to examining others imitations. Thanks for organizing this swap.
  13. OK. Mine are in the mail. Nothing fancy, just a simple comparadun tied with microfibett split tail, light olive thread body, and light gray Para Post by Hareline. I like the para post material as it is "water treated" and reflects the sunlight so you can spot it somewhat easy as it floats down your favorite stream. I can tell you I have caught many 3 to 4 lb. rainbows on this fly. What's nice is it is simple and fast to tie while out on your favorite stream and the baetis are coming off, and, you may have run out and need to tie up some quickly! :thumb:
  14. Just got scottflycast and dryflylarry's today. Nice ties.
  15. Richard, I love what you tied up. I fish something similar to that and it is super effective even without a hatch coming off. BTW thanks to all of you who threw in an extra fly or two for the meister.
  16. I should have mine finished and in the mail by Monday...

  17. Mine should be done by tomorrow and will be in the mail probably on Wed.

  18. Wow, almost there. That will just leave ak powder monkey. I was going to tie up a waterwisp style fly, but needless to say they ended up looking like a pile of bug crap. So I switched to a neat little parachute with a biot body.
  19. Well, I was just checking out the other swaps and found the salmon smolt swap that ak powder monkey is meistering is unable to get a hold of him. He has been active, but no response to any pm's. I'll shoot him and email and see if that works.
  20. Hey Powder Monkey...Did they run out of fly tying feathers in Alaska or what?!!! Oh, sorry, I guess you have 2 days left... :)

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