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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by seanengman, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. I am not even going to count on his ties coming, check out his swap. He hasn't responded to any emails or pm's. He has however been active on other parts of the forum. On another note, I will be working out of town for the next six days, so when I get back I will finish up this swap. Thanks for awesome swap.
  2. Yeah seanenman, go ahead and send'um off.
  3. Mine just went in the mail this afternoon. You should have them by tomorrow or Saturday.

  4. my flies should be there monday or tuesday
  5. P.S. Sean I threw in a nice tie for you for being a few days late... Thanks for putting this one on, and thanks for everyone's patience.

  6. Hey, thanks for participating. Checking out those mugs and stuff you are making, must have been pretty busy.
  7. Taking the flies to the P.O. right now. Thanks all for the great flies and thanks to those who threw in a couple extra. Ak monkey boy, those are some nice flies. Well worth the wait. Tight lines.
  8. Great ties everyone! Many thanks for participating.
  9. Thankyou everyone. These are all very nice. :)
  10. Damn it.... I am out of town until Saturday.... I will check out the ties then. I can't wait.
  11. Nothing serious, but I got two of scottflycst's flies and did not receive AK Powder Monkey. If anyone wants to play around with the mail and switch flies, that's fine, otherwise don't worry.
  12. Awesome flies. I am set. Thanks guys now all I need to do is get out there.
  13. Thanks to everyone and sean for hosting this swap. Excellent flies, they will come in good use this spring.
  14. Can anyone put pictures up in the gallery? I loaned my camera out so I can't do it.
  15. Sean,
    I'm no IT guy but from what I understand, once pictures of the flies are taken, download them into your or someone's computer, then upload them to the WFF website. Are you asking, can someone do the photography?
  16. I can do it, but I am out of town for the next 8 days. If no one has done it by then, I will get them posted. Going to Texas to see my oldest son.
  17. The pictures are up. My first attempt at taking pictures without a tripod. They are ok, but would have been better if I would have had my tripod to keep things steady. Thanks Sean for hosting the swap, I really like all of the flies.

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