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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by mike doughty, Feb 16, 2007.

  1. I am done with my CDC foam back emerger. They will be in the mail soon. We have 10 fellas in the swap right?
  2. yes we have 10. look forward to seeing your flies DDS
  3. Flies are in the mail Sarge.

    Heres a recipe

    8/0 uni brown thread..doesnt matter much you can use whatever

    Hook: Tiemco 2487 #18
    Bead: 2mm copper tungsten
    Tail: 4-6 green pheasant tail fibers
    Body: 1 strand of stripped peacock herl wrapped over thread (Strip w/ pencil eraser)
    Rib : Ultrafine French Wire
    Thorax: Hairline krystal dub in olive (Experimenting first time i used this, hares ear dubbin works too)
    Wingcase: 4 strands of dark peacock flashabou
    Legs: Same flashabou for wingcase pulled back and down 2 on each side trimmed short
  4. sounds tasty jerry. we'll have to give that a test run near duchesne
  5. Flies are on their way. DDS is going to see the same fly that I tied from another swap that we're both in, but I think this one is an improvement over the first one.

  6. No prob I almost did the same thing. When you get that assembly line going it is hard to stop the train.
  7. Mike, all flies (BWO and Nymphers) are in the mail system today. some extra for you.
  8. These are bad ass jerry. great job
  9. Well,,, lets just hope the fish like em as much'). The thorax/wing case are totally experimental. Fish em deep
  10. Mike I am all done, changed the fly to a loop wing dry. They should be in the mail Mon. Thanks for putting on the swap.
  11. just got back in town. i got yuhinas and calvin 1's. i got a package from DDS but the envelope was opened and there were no flies but the money was there. i will have to go to the post office tommorrow and see if they found anything
  12. for those that haven't finished, one guy had to pull out of the swap so only 9 to tie
  13. 2 weeks left, how is everybody else coming?
  14. I'm almost done. I had a difficult time picking a pattern, so it took me awhile to get started.
  15. 2 weeks left how are we all doing?
  16. Mine are done! I will drop them in the mail tomorrow.
  17. Mike, they are on their way. Any extras are for you.
  18. I just got gotchasr and marty's flies today. you 2 tie a mean fly. we are now just waiting on luckybalboas and then that will be it. DDS had to bail cause he sent his flies but the packaged was ripped open when i got it so the flies were gone and he didn't have time to tie up another set so everyone will be getting some of thiers back. as soon as i get luckys i will send them out
  19. I think we should send some to DDS. It sucks that the USPS screwed things up for him.
  20. I have no problem if he gets a set of bugs.

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