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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Scott Salzer, Jun 9, 2012.

  1. This lake continues to mess with me. Ended up with (2) to the net - one on a red SJW and the other on a red blood worm. Missed a few take downs. Missed a couple on a calebaetis emerger. "Missed" is the operative word. Surface activity was there but not good enough to chase fish. A LOT of very little guys, I be talking bait for the big boys. A couple of others came out from the B & B and another showed up as I was leaving. First trip out in the Walker Bay. There is a lot of stuff that gets in your way..... Nice to be able to stand up once in a while.

    Saw a couple of mays on the water, one brown, one light gray.

    Note to self, wear a hat even if it is overcast.

    A good way to spend a Saturday in Junuary. It was a bit cool in the morning.

  2. Great report Scott. I love that lake, wish it was a bit easier to get to. It holds some pigs, but they don't give themselves up often. Hope you didn't get too sunburned.
  3. I rarely get skunked and that lake has served me up a platter of it. The trick is go down deep. I also noticed a large daphnia bloom last time I was there. I believe that played a major factor.
  4. Super secret c lake tip I learned in the 90s:

    Olive or green beadhead chironomid hung off the bottom.

    Good luck,
  5. I managed two there last Sunday. One at 22" and one at 18".
    Size 12 green bodied caddis, Should of had 2 or three more
    after the hook point broke and I couldn't figure out all the
    missed takes (mistakes). Getting old I is.

  6. What depth were you getting hits?
  7. Zero depth.

    Cast to the smooth seams and give it a twitch...
    let it sit for a while then cast somewhere else.

    Don't go light on the tippet, the fish aren't
    leader shy and set the hook with care or snappage
    will happen.

    If you see a riser cast to it, give the fly some movement
    and let it sit. If the fly sinks slowly hand twist it back in,
    this can be even better than on top.

    The fish at C lake don't have much to chow on but
    the lake caddis there are a high protein meal that
    they will slam. Not hot and heavy action but not bad for
    in the Junuary.

    Try an adult Dragon in the summer.

  8. Understand about bugs deep. Caught my biggest fish of the year in 2010 on a WB down deep.

    If the fish are doing anything on the surface, I do like to fish an emerger. It is great to see those big guys nose up and over the dry.

    Good comments, GF.
  9. Thanks Scott,

    A soft hackle can be deadly there. Last Sunday there was just
    enough surface activity for me to go dry.


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