Cabelas CGr rods on sale...again

Discussion in 'Bamboo, Fiberglass & Classic Reels' started by Mark Mercer, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. For those who might not have seen it, Cabelas has the CGr's back on sale for $50 and the 6wt is $30.
    They are all on backorder but if you want one or another one I guess you could order it and wait.....
    I've got two and love them, which I got discounted but I think they were worth the $99 when they were new...

  2. I must agree with mark that they are awesome! i purchased one a while back and have been waiting to get another for anyone who wishes to fish with me. Love them for small streams and even use them for early season still water while the fish are small and many.

    thanks for the heads up mark!
    i've made my purchase
  3. WHERE??????? I just did a search and can't find them on their website... I need a 4/5WT CGR!!!!
  4. yeah, i'd buy a wt at that price...where did you find them
  5. No, I have not... I am hoping that someone will post where they found them
  6. Wow, they were there on tuesday (Cabelas bargain cave) when I posted this, I just looked and they're no longer there.
    That sucks !!! I was thinking of James when I saw it, hopefully they will get a clue, get rid of the CGt's and bring back the CGr's, the only one's worth owning ....

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