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  1. Another benifit(?) of this addiction is that the rod and reel builders keep changing the models and technology. If you start out with a perfectly good and serviceable rod and reel and even line, the makers will change the rules and you will be left thinking that your equipment is yesterday's left over soup. The fact that is has served you well since you bought it is moot.
    You need and must have the latest and greatest(?) model.
    Case in point, this is the reason that I have six fly rods, six fly reels, and eight spare spools, all with line.

    And I still can't catch a fish. :D
  2. I got the 6'6" 4 wt at Cabelas after Christmas sale. It's my 1st fiberglass rod and the slow action seems very "noodley" after using a moderate/fast action graphite rod. It's taking a while to get used to this slower action rod, but I look forward to using it on smaller streams this summer/fall. I got mine on sale for $99, so if you can pick one up for $75 it's a great deal.
  3. Kmac, stick with it. Once you adapt your casting stroke to that rod, you may never look back. Starting just short of a decade ago I was all graphite. Now I have three-fourths of my rods in modern glass, and just a few of the very longest rods in graphite. I even use 6wt and 7wt glass rods to fish big streamers for big fish in smaller waters. It's a very versatile and fishable material.

  4. Not to mention, don't break off as much. The tip of the rod does all the work. You are my new hero.;-)
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  5. Yeah, that too! And they are more durable than any other material, and the fight is a lot more fun than with a graphite stick. Lots of upside and little downside for glass rods in mid-lengths and shorter, 7wt and below.
  6. I picked up the 7ft. 4/5wt awhile back and finally got it out on the pond to try it out. I used a 4wt delta taper. Really have never felt this delicate of a dry fly presentation before. Very impressed for a $75 rod. My first fiberglass rod, and I love the feel.
  7. The 7' 4/5 wt is my favorite rod right now
  8. I was using my 4 wt 6'6" yesterday. Roll cast surprisingly well. Caught fish, so it's a keeper.
  9. Just got the 7'6" 6wt yesterday as a specialty rod for big fly/big fish/tight quarters. Lawn cast with 4 different lines on it to see what it likes best, and notice that it is accepting of a much wider range of lines than my modern rods. It's definitely fast for a glass rod and pretty damp too. Plan to fish it with a 7wt for streamers and 6wt for hopper/dropper, etc. Fit and finish is really good for a $99 rod.
  10. ...and I know where you are going to fish that rod! Glass rods almost always accept a wider range of fly lines. It's just the nature of that material.
  11. I've had the 5'9" 3wt. for a while and took it out for some small stream action last week and it is the best small stream rod I've ever used, bar none. That and a Sage Click 1 is a beautiful combo.
  12. Took my 6' 6" to the mountains and LOVE IT! I was even able to cast into the wind. Did a dry dropper with a Royal Wulff and a small bead head Prince
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  13. Great picture's Blue, love little brookies... we don't have a lot of them around here. I haven't had my 6'6" 4wt out this year, but hope to soon.
  14. If you were thinking about one of these, Cabelas now has them marked down to $69.88. Great small stream rod at a incredible price.
  15. I bought one the other week (at the $100 regular price) and returned it last week. Interesting rod. But the real seat rings are way too tight. None of my reels fit well at all.

  16. Yes they are tight, but they don't go anywhere. My Allen AST reel fits good.
  17. My orvis battenkill bar stock fell into the creek.

    I'd say "try before you buy".

  18. Absolutely. But the NON ENGLISH Orvis reels have some bodacious feet. They are some of the thickest.
    I built a custom McFarland and the non English will not work. Like you, it fell off, but for me on stillwater. Thank God I had the drag tight.
  19. I use the same reel with mine and I haven't had any problem.

  20. Given that the Battenkill Barstock is an easily replaced and economical reel I wouldn't hesitate to file and sand the foot into the size and shape you need.
    It has no significant heirloom or resale value and probably never will so your not loosing anything by personalizing it.


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