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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by IveofIone, Aug 28, 2002.

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    Does anyone know who builds the Cabela's SLi series of premium fly rods? I am looking at the 9'5wt secifically. These appear to be nice rods with nickel silver hardware and a 25 year unconditional warranty. Incidentally, Cabela's sells all of the premium lines from Cortland and SA at regular "fixed" prices but sends them postage free and tax free, a great deal if you live in a remote area like I do. Also, any experience out there with the new 555 clear floating line? Is it as good as the hype? Thanks, Ive
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    I might be old---but I'm good.

    I can give you a report on the 555 floater. I have the 555 floating line,but mine is tha sage colored line. It only has one draw back that I don't like. It is the only line that I know of that you have to stretch every once in a while. It has a memory that won't quit. Other than that it really casts excellent. But I don't know if this condition will happen in the clear line. Just something to think about when and if you buy it.

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    IveofIone Thanks for the input Jim. This is cold country much of the year and a line with memory will probably be just that much more difficult to deal with when the temperature drops. I'm surprised that no one has experience with Cabela's rods since they are supposed to be the largest retailer of flyfishing tackle in the world. I assume there is some stigma about having equipment that doesn't say Simms, Scott, Sage or Orvis but the fish don't give a rip. My warranty experiences with some big name rod builders has led me to seek out out some other method of obtaining service. Cabela's sells a lot of the same high-end items that fly shops carry but mail them directly to you shipping free and tax free in about 3 days. Any problems or returns are dealt with immediately and usually on their nickel. I am not suggesting that anyone forsake their local flyshop, those guys do a tremendous job of keeping us abreast of fishing conditions, stocking the latest materials, etc. Am only saying that if you have to jump in a pickup and drive 200 miles to pick up 100 hooks and a few packs of dubbing, wave a few flyrods and visit for a few minutes you will soon look for another way. Ive
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    I might be old---but I'm good.

    Where ever you are living at must really be in the sticks. I can't afford the "name rods" I just buy what the pocket can afford. Most I ever paid for a rod is $215.00. A GL3 5wt which I wouldn't part with for any amount of money. I really like it.And as for reels it is about the same way.

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    Image has always been a funny thing - and I've fallen into the trap more than a few times. I don't fish enough or cast enough to realize the benefit of a $700 rod versus my sub $200 models. I have fun and that's what counts. I would not think any less of you if you had Cabela's written on everything you own!

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    Here is what I know. I met someone that worked at Cabelas fishing section and he said "NOT to buy GLoomis's top of the line fly rod, and buy Cabalas top fly rod", I said why? He said "trust me and buy it" . He said "Its worth alot more that just being 1-200 dollars less" . He hinted to me that Cabalas top fly rods are made with Gloomis GLX blanks with Cabalas name stamped on it!
    Personally, I use a St Croix Legend Ultra 5wt 9' 220.00. IMO, this is the BEST rod for the money period, and with an unconditional warranty! If you tell them honestly that you accidently ran over it 20 times in 20 years with your car, they will either fix it or replace it 20 times for free!
    I have a Gloomis GLX 10' 7wt that was given to me and use it mainly for Steelhead, the best rod I've ever used but would NEVER EVER think about spending that much for a rod!
    Good Luck! :THUMBSUP
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    just remember, throw 'em back

    anybody have any experience with either the travel rods that break down into 5 or 7 pieces or the float tuber series rods? i have been thinking that the long 11' rod would be great for out in the tube and would also be nice for casting in the rivers for fall salmon. with a longer rod i could move more line and control the fish better with light tippets. the pack rod would be cool for hiking into some of the more remote lakes. however its not all that neccessary IMHO unless someone can tell me otherwise! any info would be great!!! thanks in advance.
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    Up till three or so years ago, I believe that the Cabela's top end fly rods were made with Loomis blanks (GL3's or maybe GLX's though I doubt it). I'm led to believe that St. Croix now makes Cabela's blanks, though this is fishing bulletin board sourced.

    I've got a SL-range PF908 4-piece that fishes fine though I prefer the softer action on my Sage RPL+ so the Cabela's rod doesn't see much action.

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