Cabela's L-Tech rods on sale

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by IveofIone, Jun 2, 2013.

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    I know a few of you guys are fishing L-Techs and really like them as do I. I have been looking for a back-up 5 wt for awhile and today noticed that they are on sale for $139-$149 marked down from their usual $219-$229 through June 30. I have been fishing them almost since they came out and they are truly nice rods. If they had a Sage or Scott sticker on them they would be getting a lot of buzz. The reel seat is the best I have ever used, it locks tight and stays there with none of the shake or looseness that I encounter with my other rods.
    The model I hope to pick up on Monday is an 8'6'' 5wt that weighs a mere 2.5 oz-a quarter of an ounce heavier than a Helios 5wt but $1,156 cheaper! And before you fry me for not using my local fly shop-I don't have one. It is about a 4 hour round trip to the nearest fly shop. Tomorrow I will swing by Cabela's, pick up my new L-Tech, buy an Idaho license and spend the next few days chasing cutties around north Idaho. In the sunshine.

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    Nice. I've got three seasons on my 9' 5wt. It gets fished every on every stillwater trip.