FS Cabelas Outfitters tent w wood stove & asstd camping gear - $400

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by candr, Mar 4, 2013.

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  1. Cabelas Outfitters tent w wood stove, table, chair, REI camp kitchen, 2 coleman stoves and Coleman Lantern - $400
    Assorted good quality Cabelas camping gear. Used one or two times. Everything is in good condition. Garage cleaning so everything must be sold together to one buyer.
    1 - 12x12 Cabelas Alaknak Outfitters tent with roof panel protector and tent floor liner. Used three times. Excellent tent.
    1 - Cabelas Packer wood stove with hot water tank and side shelf. All chimney pipe/spark arrestor included.
    1 - REI camp kitchen with soft sided pantry and lantern pole. New condition
    1 - Coleman extra large propane lantern. In the original box.
    1 - Cabelas large two burner Guide stove. Used once
    1 - Coleman small two burner stove. Used once.
    1 - Cabelas XL roll top table 28”x43”
    1 - Cabelas Alaskan Guide cot - 82L x 32 W - 500lb capacity.
    1 - Cabelas folding directors chair with side table: size XL
    All pieces are in the original carrying cases. First $400 takes all, no trades, payments etc. Located in the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle. Send me a pm if you are interested.

    DSCN0220-4.jpg DSCN0216-6.jpg
  2. Sent you a pm
  3. Screaming deal, PM sent
  4. still have it? interested in ballard....
  5. Candr, I saw this on craigslist also. That's about $1500 worth of gear. What's the story?
  6. Garage cleaning. I've had all of this stuff for about 5 years and used most of it about twice. I obviously set the price too low (based on the level of interest) but I'm in the middle of a house move and want it gone quickly. I also own this which gets way more use....

    BTW: all items on this post are SOLD. thx
  7. thank you for letting us losers know. lots of sellers do not do that. mike w
  8. Sweet van. I've seen that rig around a couple times in town. Always wondered what the story was. Did you buy it all tricked out or customize it yourself?
  9. Nice looking rig. An acquaintance of mine has a diesel.
  10. That Sportsmobile....

  11. Jesse, the van is customized by a company called Sportsmobile. They do the interior, convert it to 4x4 etc. I've added the racks, solar panels, compressor etc. (the easy stuff). It's a diesel and makes a great fishing rig. Lots of steelhead/lake fishing trips to b.c. and thus no need for the camping gear.
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  12. Thanks for the awsome deal. All items were as advertised.

    The kids and I will enjoy the gear for a long time.

  13. Awesome rig. Always thought vans had great potential but the 2 wheel drive limits them and never heard of any with 4x4. If you dont mind me asking, how much does getting it converted to 4x4 cost?
  14. Steve, glad that you are happy with the gear and your family will enjoy some use out of it.
    Moose38, I will send you a pm on the Sportsmobile. Don't want to take up space in the classified section with this conversation.
  15. Hi
    I would like to buy this outfit. I am currently in Mexico but my niece lives in seattle . I will try to contact her to pick up and pay for this
  16. Reading comprehension FTL
  17. THANK GOD THIS SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had the cash, but really needed to put the money into buying shocks for my truck (will cost around $500) and a few other misc buys I need to do before something like this. BUt damned, such a good price I just kept looking at the reply and conversation button. So thanks for buying it, because everyday it was on there, the more likely I was to buy it. :)
  18. Ya, By the time I saw it it was gone. I would have been all over this one, such a good deal.
  19. Yeah, I was watching this also and figured someone that had never been on the site would get the buy and that's exactly what happened - this needs to stop, having some kind of 25 post's rule or something to be able to buy or sell on this site. I see these awesome deals get snatched up by the internet trollers all the time probably reselling the next day for big bucks making a living off it!

    Just my thoughts on the subject.
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  20. In most cases I agree with Mark, and that's what is nice about TGR - the mags look out for the mags on the hookups. In this case though candr wasn't posting an exclusive to WFF hookup as it was on Craigslist as well so it's no big thang that a one and doner got it.
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